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The voice of Led Zeppelin - Rock legend Robert Plant's in July moves in Pilsen

The voice of Led Zeppelin - Rock legend Robert Plant's in July moves in Pilsen Czech audience tempestuous singer gained so much that he likes coming back here. What he may enjoy Pilsen to arrive World star Robert Plant? And in what frame of mind will be just due to the ongoing court on plagiarism of the song Stairway to Heaven? It's wait until 27 July, when performing in a band Sensational Space Shifter in Pilsen cirque.

Robert Plant comes to us in top form as part of their European tour.

Recently held before a jury in Los Angeles first and long awaited stand in court with a case known as "Michael Skidmore vs. Led Zeppelin ". Robert Plant, the voice of one of the most famous rock bands of the last century, is accused of plagiarism perhaps best known hits, famed for being the band Led Zeppelin, called "Stairway to Heaven." "Robert certainly for the rights to the song fights, even though it is a paradox that, he does not play that song so much. Maybe it's the fact that it is for him some heart issue and text is too personal, because the lyrics of the song refers to some sad experiences and events in his life, "he revealed the source of his surroundings.

Winner of several Grammy Awards and received the Order of the British Empire, Robert Plant, has come to the attention of the music world in the early 60s. A living rock legend on his turbulent period in the best remembers. "You know, I was once famous, then again for a while and then not again, yeah. Led Zeppelin will never forget, it was a whirlwind. That time is gone and there is new, different, maybe a little less wild, "he adds with irony and detachment in the voice of one of the largest and most famous rock singers, from which even today fanynkám knees go weak.

It's not the first visit of the legendary Led Zeppelin frontman with us. "In 2006, Robert Plant arrived with the whole band Strange Sensation at the Ostrava airport on Saturday before noon. It was from the outset a nice and warm welcome, "I remember two of the three members of Robert's festival team, David Sindelar and Josef essence, that Robert Plant had accompanied them." When you exit the aircraft Plant emerged as the latest in sneakers, shorts and a T-shirt Marocco . We were very surprised when he approached us names, "says Sindelar. Rocker was also expressed as a lover of good food, Moravian cuisine fond of him, and not just one. "Robert's very tasted plum brandy. The first two days did not drink from open bottles of anything, always had to have the original bottle cap, who himself unscrewed. The third day, after we started a plum brandy and gave ourselves a few delicious sips believed him and then feed source never cared, "he recalls with a smile Sindelar how Robert Plant fell under the spell of delicious drink.

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