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Vymahačům Do not pay more than you need

Debts will have to repay. Collection agency, however, require the borrowers much higher amount than the debt itself, and founded on profitable business. Their main business is debt collection. The way this happens is often on the edge of viability. What they are and do not have the right collection agency?

Businesses are increasingly using the services of so-called collection agencies that focus to a list of people and forcing them to pay only amounts due, as well as other items, which often amounts to several thousand. It reportedly cost recovery procedure and are named differently, eg. Administrative fee, management fee or only costs.

"Collection agencies are entrepreneurs as well as companies for which claims are enforced. They have no more power than any of us. They can not lead any genuine control and claim some kind of cost, "says
Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. He adds: "Debt collection agency that represents only your contractual partner, after the maximum you may require statutory interest on arrears, reasonably high penalty if it was negotiated, and possibly the cost of sending reminders, but that's it."

If there is a contract and it referred to the obligation of a party to pay a certain amount, it does not mean that there was no need to inform the court ruled. It happens that the debt had been repaid sooner or nonexistent. If anyone is convinced that he owed money can go to court or another state authority drafted. Until he decides, no one after you can not recover the alleged debt. The actual enforcement, whether you pay or not, is carried out through the court bailiff in charge. "If you are the court declares the debtor will have to pay costs associated with litigation. Their amount is but to consumers and their retail liabilities significantly limited. Collection agencies the state does not give any reward, "says Luke Green.

Repayment of debt can only be enforced by state authorities. Collection agencies must therefore use words substantively similar to the "execution" or "executor" which may confuse consumers. Challenges sent some agencies, direct debit, however, this prohibition fail to comply. Talking about the visit to the regional collection specialists if you do not respond to search for the wanted person. It is assumed that it at its address hiding. At other times, the text calls intimidating warning that agency specialists in criminal law is examining whether non-payment of debt was not committed a crime.

Code of Ethics, which many collection agency manages deemed acceptable and even desirable to collect from the borrower costs associated with recovery agencies. The costs of legal proceedings, which the agency only danger would be unquestionably lower or no. Collection agency extra period before the action unnecessarily lengthen debt and inflate interest on late payments.

The Code also admits calling machine, from which called only learns where to call. Redialing until ten o'clock in the evening a few weeks in a row is more than annoying. This can also join automated SMS. "Agency staff attend for borrowers and home or workplace, where they conduct so-called field inspection and they ask neighbors, colleagues and superiors, if you talk with them, reject them or let them in. How long would this pressure endured by you? No wonder that consumers pay and what you owe, just to have peace, "concludes Green.

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