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Myths about hygiene: The toilet is most bacteria and toothbrush we hide

Although people are afraid that the toilet seat to most bacteria, for example on the work table there can be up to 400 times. Myths regarding hygiene and toilet in the bathroom is popularized so much that there are already many people consider true. In the following article read common myths and learn so that in most cases there is no reason to worry.

Myth no. 1: Most bacteria are hiding in toilet seat

The myth that the toilet seat is the holder of the greatest number of bacteria, viruses and dangerous microbes is very popular. A much wider range of bacteria, however, is on the computer keyboard, ATM or mobile phones.
More bacteria can also find on the buttons bells and lifts the handle of the door handles on the bus, but also on the cutting board where the survey by the University of Arizona to 200 times more bacteria. On the worktable even by Kimberly-Clark Professional hiding up to 400 times more bacteria than a toilet.

Items of daily use also differ in the number of species of bacteria present. While the toilets are located less than 20 kinds of microorganisms on a mobile phone and can be found almost 140 on a tablet to 600 species of bacteria. It results from a British study from 2013. The fight against the proliferation of microorganisms are now also deals with a number of sanitary innovation. "Popular as the seat with disinfectant finish and antibacterial properties. Due to the content of a silver compound in the material from which the seat is made, there is a reduction in bacterial density by up to two orders of magnitude, "explains Radka Prokop of Alcaplast (sanitation manufacturers).

Myth no. 2: Washing hands after using the toilet is commonplace

An extensive survey of 2015, which was attended by 100,000 people across Europe, revealed that 62% of men and 40% of women after using the toilet, wash their hands. A survey by the STEM / MARK again showed that after visiting the toilet not wash their hands about 100,000 Czechs.

Misconception is the idea that soap kills bacteria. Soap is only released from the surface of the hands and using water washing away. Destruction of microbes is achieved using compositions containing at least 60% alcohol. Interesting revelations brought the Mythbusters show aired on the Discovery Channel. Wiping wet hands to remove paper towel is up to 71% of bacteria, while the air dryer destroys only 23% of microbes, nearly three times less.

Myth no. 3: For normal cleaning bathrooms just wipe the visible part

The bathroom is not only a haven for scale and dingy dirt, which can be seen at a glance, but also for bacteria. Normal cleaning, a number of people dedicated solely to cleanse the visible and the contact portions bathrooms. So do not deprive space microbes that settle in places where normal maintenance penetrate, thus, for example in the effluent tubs or troughs floor shower room. For ease of maintaining hygiene in the shower so choose quality floor drains. "The basis for a properly functioning gutters drain the water, the ideal flow rate is 60 liters per minute. It is equally important that the troughs easy, since the tray and the grid gutter should be cleaned at least four times a year, "explains Radka Prokop.

Myth no. 4: toothbrush stashed in the box is protected from bacteria

Although people often hide toothbrush in a cabinet above the sink or can overlap plastic cover from germs in the bathroom does not protect it. This method is even counterproductive, because the closed space flowing air. Toothbrush bristles can not dry well and wet then easily multiply bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to store the brush in an upright position rather open place, where it can penetrate the air.

Myth no. 5: Venting toilet is only required for diversion smell

Ventilation in the restroom is necessary in addition to divert odor also due to moisture. Insufficient ventilation is to increase the concentration of harmful substances and flourish here fungi and microbes that prolonged exposure to endanger human health. If the toilet is not a window, skylight or fan, it is possible to use concealed WC installation system with built-in fan for ventilation. It removes odors in addition to the toilet and humidity.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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