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Allergy suffers third quarter of adults and children. Help and herbs

Allergies suffer according to estimates by the World Allergy Organization 30-40% of people worldwide. In the current period, which begins to bloom a variety of grasses and trees, it plays an important role, especially pollen rhinitis. Allergies, however, in addition to respiratory problems may occur also in the form of skin problems. We will advise you how to fight allergies and how to better prevent it.

Allergies suffering from 24% of adults and 30% of children

An allergy is an inappropriate defensive reaction of immune system to substances that are commonly encountered in the environment in which we live. Among the common causes include environmental pollution, consumption of processed foods with artificial additives, the use of increasing amounts of drugs and more. Genetic predisposition plays a role, then two-thirds. According to a report on the health of the population of the Czech Republic, developed by the Ministry of Health.

Allergies, according to the World Allergy Organization has become over the past decade one of the most common chronic non-infectious diseases in the world. A number of people who suffer from allergies, in the Czech Republic as well as throughout Europe, constantly increasing. According to the latest survey by the State Health Institute has up to 24% of people aged 45 to 54 years, while more than a third of sick over 35 years of age. Allergies do not avoid even the children currently suffer from them about 30% of the child population. The most common problem in young children is atopic eczema in older children and adolescents are pollen allergic rhinitis. A significant problem is also asthma, whose share is higher in children than in adults. Today, it affects about 10% of Czech children.

Relieve allergies can odplísněním body and colon cleansing

According to the Public Health Institute is the most common allergic disease polinosa or hay fever, which is a reaction to pollen allergen. Manifested runny nose, itchy nose, sneezing and conjunctivitis. It is typical for the current season, the blooms amount of grasses such as alfalfa, plantain, daisy and clover, and trees such as birch, hornbeam, horse chestnut, poplar or basswood. Allergic asthma then arises allergic inflammation of bronchial mucosa and bouts of dyspnea and irritating cough. These particles cause primarily mites, animal dander, molds or bacteria.

Pollen allergies can be prevented by strengthening immunity, which involves editing mode, the exclusion of allergens from the environment and healthy lifestyle. When standard therapy suppresses symptoms antihistamines. Relieve allergies can also naturally with the help of herbs and purging liver odplísněním body and lifting anti-allergy ingredient in the body. "The cleansing the liver serves several herbs or gemmoterapeutik, specifically schisandra, thistle, calendula, juniper and rosemary. You also need odplísnit organism using penízovky, garlic and grapefruit. And to raise the allergy ingredient in the body is then the best gemmoterapeutikum blackcurrant and elderberry forest hroznatého. Only a combination of all these elements, we can achieve a better state, "advises famous herbalist Czech Jarmila Podhorná.

When skin allergies helps correct humidity and penízovka

Allergic skin reactions are most often the nature of atopic eczema or hives. Their formation can participate in a variety of allergens originating in the air, food and contact with the environment. They manifest with itchy, reddened patches of skin on which form vesicles or oozing thickened dermis. The most common allergen is pollen, dust, mites, bacteria, mold or pet hair.

The mainstay of treatment consists similarly to respiratory problems antihistamines, in more severe cases, corticosteroids. Here, you can prevent allergies by avoiding contact with allergens, adjusting your diet to boost immunity and regular cleaning environment. It also helps to control the humidity, since too dry dries the skin and worsens eczema. The ideal moisture content should be between 40-60%.

In the treatment of skin allergies can also include selected herbs. "In the case of eczema is the first choice penízovka herbs. The regenerated pancreas, which controls the state of the skin and cleans it. For skin allergies apply as for respiratory allergies, the need to cleanse the liver, odplísnit body and lift antiallergic component in the body of a black currant. Allergies must always be dealt with comprehensively, "recommends herbalist Jarmila Podhorná." To treat and soothe skin affected by eczema is also suitable čtyřkvětová ointment elder, burdock oil, tincture of burdock in hair pieces or psorikalis ointment to soothe skin of the entire system. A beneficial effect on the skin also has a herbal bath or spray with extracts such as couch grass, burdock or nasturtium, "says herbalist.

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