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E-shops can not indicate textiles and violate regulations

dTest again after three years conducted a survey of Czech e-shops in textiles. He found that more than half of the 43 stores surveyed stated incorrect information about the material composition of textile and more than 80% of the stores before buying informs about proper maintenance of textile goods.

For nearly five years the Regulation applies to the entire European Union, unified way, and names that may be used in the labeling composition of textile products, but the Czech sellers him steadfastly ignored. "When we were three years ago for the first time checking compliance, the number of errors on the part of the e -Shop surprised us. The more we are disappointed that the situation after three years of little change, "says Milos Borovicka legal adviser Dtest, adding:" At the same time, correct information is not so complicated. Sometimes it is sufficient to look at the label and the information rewrite, or at least take a picture. "

When selling textile retailers must use only approved the names of fibers. A frequent offense is the use of abbreviations, commercial and foreign-language titles. "Polyester and spandex does not sound too appealing, so the vendors are replaced by different trade names or lay. Marking fleece and Gore-Tex but not prescribed the names of fibers and consumers can be deceiving. However, even when using an approved thread title can be noted in parentheses and commercial designation, "said Juniper. For online shops it is practically no additional burden, must inform about the characteristics of the products sold. For textiles are then precisely defined rules, how the information will look like.

Worse still meet retailers their obligation to inform the maintenance mode, which stores the Consumer Protection Act. "It seems that a number of vendors that obligation entirely ignored, only seven of the surveyed e-shops we found out before buying, how about laundry care "Juniper says and adds:" the customer, who is not forewarned that the superstructure can not put into the washing machine, but will have to pay the dry cleaner, the product can successfully claim and claim the money back. Costs must then pay the seller. "And here is the widespread use of pictograms that are not copyrighted, and their proper and legitimate use in our association oversees Sotex Ginetex GB.

Compared to previous surveys we can say that the situation is better, but very slowly. While three years ago, only three stores in fifty should correct the information both on the material composition and maintenance, this year there were seven. "The pace of change is very slow and can not be with him to be happy, on the other hand, it is seen that other e -shops trying, but they make mistakes or just forget for some goods information to add, "said Juniper.

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