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Cancer vaccine? This is not science fiction, but a reality!

Vaccination can actually certain types of cancer, not only prevented, but it is possible in this way and treated. Example may be a substance assisting in prostate cancer. The vaccine tailored to individual patients is really effective.

Anticancer vaccines belong to the group of substances called biological response modifiers. Act through stimulation or restore the immune response of the patient's defense system. These substances can be divided into two basic types:
Preventive vaccines. They are used where the tumor growth is started infections (hepatitis B virus for liver cancer, human papillomavirus in cervical cancer). Vaccinations, thereby preventing the infection.
Therapeutic vaccine. They are applied when it is not already present tumor. Strengthen the natural immune response to the presence of cancer cells. This treatment is called immunotherapy.

How do they work?

The task of anticancer vaccines:
slow or stop the growth of cancer cells,
induce shrinkage of the tumor,
hinder the return of cancer,
remove cancer cells that have not been destroyed by other methods of treatment.

Anticancer vaccines activate the group of white blood cells called cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. These may separately be disposed various kinds of foreign cells or induce the production of antibodies in the other white blood cells. Antibodies then have the bad cells also devastating effect. Vaccine supply the immune system information about how to recognize harmful cells.

For a better idea

Simply put - using a vaccine, saying "the officers' personal data and a description of" criminals "to be harmless. These policemen then legitimized by any person (cells) that encounter. If the data match the query villain, if they are suspicious documents or cells they have no identity card, the police immediately physically liquidated. And either personally or by proxy. This is obviously a complex process, but it works OK.

Hope for Men

A few years ago has been put into practice sipuleucel-T vaccine against metastatic prostate cancer. So against prostate cancer that has spread to distant organs. In the US, the vaccine used since 2010 for the European Union was approved in 2013 and is gradually being implemented in various member countries. The flagship of this therapy in Germany.

In clinical trials, the vaccine prolongs survival of men with some types of advanced prostate cancer for four months. Unlike other is produced individually for each patient. His blood group is removed certain cells. They are then cultured in the laboratory in a solution that contains the information molecules. The resulting cells, which according to our terminology, the term "knowledgeable policemen" are then the active ingredient in the vaccine.

Author of the article: MD. Tereza Kopecká
Source: U lékař

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