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TrutnOFF adds Skunk Anansie, The Dreadnoughts and Ben Caplan. A Stromboli.

TrutnOFF adds Skunk Anansie, The Dreadnoughts and Ben Caplan. A Stromboli. "Traditionally, the day the children we are drumming out another group of foreign and domestic territories," the organizers announce Trutnoff Open Air Festival, which will take place in the usual "occupation" date of August 18 to 21 at the Trutnov Battlefield, and will be dedicated nedožitým osmdesátinám Chief Václav Havel.

Fresh elektroswing Parov Stelar, industrial metal Fear Factory and popular singer-songwriter Jake Bugg adds alternative rock's legendary Skunk Anansie vigorously with mercurial singer Skin. The British Skunk Anansie, the program will also pair inerpretů from Canada, folk-punk of The Dreadnoughts and properly bearded Ben Caplan, evoking Tom Waits in his early days. That, according to the organizers, could become one of the unexpected surprises and peaks of rank alternative festival.

The legendary Skunk Anansie

Skunk Anansie, souped English rockers, led by the charismatic singer Skin, even after twenty years, of which a considerable portion spent touring around the world, and millions of records sold, it still feels as "outcasts, outlaws and outsiders," says Skin, iconic in Brixton bred frontwoman of the band. But to them it still does not matter. "Things that you at the beginning distinguishable from others in the end become what about you people love." Skin knows whereof he speaks - in the beginning was the music scene big problems with where it is not classify, and often because of their black singer appeared on store shelves in the section of rhythm & blues.
London Four rock, which besides Skin consists of drummer Mark Richardson, Cass bassist and guitarist Ace, was formed in 1994 - and it soon became those of modern rock crossover set the pace. Because they were too heavy for the British "cockney" scene, and much more original than simply imitate the sound of American grunge, Skunk Anansie have vytesávali their own path shrinks jagged noise and waded through a sea of drunken culture and avoid mutual squabbling fashion bands. "We came together with brit rock, but we have never been considered part of the scene, "says Skin." Our peers and fellow travelers were Americans - Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana or Pearl Jam. Certainly we never listened to Blur, "he adds.

Early recorded at that time, genre-defining albums' Paranoid & Sunburnt "and" Stoosh ". Skin became an icon, a fashion idol and muse for both men and women. She sang a duet with Pavarotti for the audience, in which he was the Dalai Lama, she performed with the band on celebrating his eightieth birthday of Nelson Mandela.
Hectic style took a toll, and in 2001, Skunk Anansie decided to take a break. What was originally intended to be only a short rest, stretched on vacation lasting nine years, during which all four members put their energy into various custom projects (in case Skin is the result of two solo albums, a lot of modeling and DJ performances).

In 2009 they were reunited, everything clicked into each other again, and within a year was a new world record. "Wonderlustre was about us that we are all together again, that we pieces together. Next Black Traffic of 2012 was already the result of a previous tour, all social and political views of the world and influences that we picked up along the way. A Anarchytecture (total already sixth studio album, released in 2016) is a blend of both of those energies, "says the band.

On the battlefield they arrive in full force - as one of the biggest stars of this year also announced one of the great festivals of Central Europe - Budapest Sziget, featuring only a few days before coming to play submontane tribe and Krakonoš.

Two bands from the country's indigenous ancestors from Canada. Surprise Festival - Ben Caplan.

This year is unusual in trutnoffském program appear two names from Canada. Surprises could cause Ben Caplan and his band, The Casual Smokers. "When I first heard it, it was clear that they belong to us and to our tribe. His recordings of the street, on the field or just in a forgotten bar somewhere between Canadian plains and mountains are amazing with its immediacy and genuine nature, "he says trutnoffskému discovery founder of the festival Martin Věchet and adds:" The most I got a pass from the sunken pub, where Ben He is playing just for a couple of regulars, which came casually. Mood and his speech reminded me of Tom Waits in his early days. And he just sits in the corner at the piano, and his deep voice, you almost to himself singing and banging on the keys. From a distance it from the bar watching a couple of regulars who meanwhile telephone, talking to when Ben play out, they found they had witnessed something extraordinary and exclaim, "Excellent!"

The Canadian singer with a beard who just do not see, will captivate his deep voice and his whole charisma. Charming smoothie and piano smashers, madman and honest poet, vybrnkávač delicate chords and discordant melody lover has toured Australia, Europe and North America. But as soon as Ben has your attention, can hum a finer quality than a glass of malt whiskey. In music, among others, also inspired by Eastern Europe and Jewish folk tradition. Ben Caplan is simply unforgettable - a huge beard untamed mane, captivating deep voice.

The Dreadnoughts got together in Vancouver in 2006 and from the beginning all the wildly vtloukají brain turns to his belief that the combination of punk and folk music can result in the perfect combination. Drink and playing in bars and clubs like crazy until their supporters drunk, exhausted and nezpotí to redemption. Often they were and still are live recognized as one of the most energetic bands. For all who do not want to miss on the battlefield (and we believe that this mistake perhaps nobody does), it is worth stressing one fundamental thing. This country-punk outfit is like a dream to move to retire to Hawaii and play there until the death of polka. But in order to earn the plan, they decided after a pause, play a few gigs in Europe. Remember - all the money they spend on their plates, T-shirts and buttons, to help them buy a big house on Maui, lifetime supply of Caribbean rum and three new accordions. And all of that retirement will need a damn!

Stromboli and other domestic bands

One of the headliners of this year's domestic Trutnoff Open Air Festival will be legendary Stromboli. It will be one of the few summer concerts. Other bands are: Monkey Business, Jaroslav Uhlir, Music Prague and Michael Ambrose, Sto animals, UDG, QueerJane (sk), Cocotte Minute, Pepa Janicek and Kade Chim, Čankišou, Stag, Prague Conspiracy, Poletíme, Status Praesents, Ivan Hlas & Trio and others.

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