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Too big, small or tall For what could Growth Hormone

Parents often have a tendency to compare increase your child's classmates. If their otherwise healthy offspring considerably smaller, they start to worry. Unusually large height on the contrary, parents usually excite. For a while the two phenomena may hide failure to produce growth hormone.

Predict the height of an individual is not an easy matter.

There are some simple formulas, which at least approximately determine what an individual can achieve growth. But they exclude the impact of food or medical ailments, and therefore only serves to approximate orientation.

If you are interested in the future of your child's height, you can try the following calculations:

For men: (height + mother's height in centimeters father cm + 13) / 2
For women (mothers height in cm + height father in cm - 13) / 2

Calculation has some error. Interval in which there should be a final height of the child, so you get that result from adding up and subtracting about 8 cm. So, if you come out the result is 170 cm and height of your child will be in the approximate range of 162-178 cm. The final physical stature is the result of a complex interaction between genetic equipment, nutrition, environmental effects, and overall health. It should be noted that the children also have a tendency to achieve similar weight as the other family members. In this case, however, usually is not a hereditary thing, but for example, eating habits and exercise regimen in the family.

Growth failure and downs

Statistics show that girls generally smaller stature attracted as much attention as the little boys. The growth of a child is, nevertheless, influenced by several different factors, including the aforementioned inheritance. Among the most important and primary yet include so-called intrauterine factors, ie those that operate in the period before the birth. We rank the following in particular:
nutrition of women during pregnancy,
disorders of metabolism of nutrients,
the state of health of the fetus and mother
proper function of the placenta.

Growth hormone deficiency, chronic renal failure or various genetic syndromes among rare causes growth disorders . On the other hand, some children may literally a height extending from the team. Rapid growth in childhood while it may be due to early onset of puberty, but also produce growth hormone disorder.

Entrust doctors

When suspicions of growth disturbance is necessary to examination by a doctor. The first step should always be directed to the pediatrician's office. If he concludes that low or high rise is a manifestation of the child's illness, most likely it will send to the specialized clinic for further examination. These problems they deal mostly physicians specializing in endocrinology, therefore, on the issue of endocrine glands.

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