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Do not fall for the myths garden care

You finally have a garden, and after that you have been longing for? The joy of their own piece of nature can spoil trapped in lawn care. To avoid them gracefully, bringing some good tips Radovan Bures from the company, a producer of lawn mowers and other products for lawn care and garden.

Lawns must be mowed

The big myth is the idea that lawns are mowed necessarily "hedgehog". Nothing against střiženému beautiful golf greens, but if you improvise to cut the grass, you can get so much more. "Experts say the correct height of the lawn at 3-4 cm, and it makes good sense in principle. With a height of grass but we can play. We do not limit yourself to endless surface with the same length of grass. Much more interesting impression is achieved if we use the capabilities of modern lawn and set the different purposes of different cutting height somewhere and let the grass as it is. Fancy may be, for example, a piece of wilderness in an otherwise perfectly the cut grass or grass surfaces graded. It depends on the creativity of the author, "recommends Radovan Bures.

In summer, especially in larger drought, but you should keep growth higher to better had stored moisture may otherwise be at risk of burning. On the other hand, a rainy day is appropriate to mow more often. Consider also the function which performs lawn. When ornamental, adds more. Conversely, in the case of conventional utilitarian vegetation simply mow weekly.

The more water the better

It's not true. Frequent watering can be harmful. Especially avoid frequent watering little water. Only reach so deep root growth and drought threaten the overall dry grass. Anyway, it is advisable lawn from spring to autumn watering once a week. For most part of the day is considered night when so much water evaporate. Experts suggest per square meter of at least 5 liters of water.

There is a universal recipe for a beautiful garden

The most dangerous myth of redemptive quest universal recipe for a perfect garden. What kind of flowers, shrubs and trees have in the garden? Where is the place? Beautiful and well-manicured gardens is as much the opinions and each garden always bears the original seal of his gardener. Not only that, it runs a search, but you will lose the chance for a unique garden. Let us therefore inspire good and proven advice, but the overall concept invent themselves. Understand the menu, choose what you like, consult with a professional idea, but the main thing is that you meet a garden and you were on it well.

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