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Extinct pelicans returning to the Philippines. Courtly zoo sent to the islands first six birds

A new conservation project launched zoo in Dvur Kralove. Its aim is to restore the extinct population of pelicans skvrnozobých the Philippines. In cooperation with Pilsen Zoo sent on May 4 in this Asian island state first six pelicans from their breeding.

Two males and four females arrived Avilon Zoo two days later in good physical condition. "Upon arrival we had offered them live tilapia, into which enthusiastically embarked. Pelicans are left after thirty days in quarantine, where you gradually get used to the new environment, "says Joaquin Gaw, Director of Avilon Zoo.

Now with Avilon Zoo, which is located near the Philippine capital Manila on Luzon Island, Czech zoo to return rare birds cooperates. The project is also involved Talarak rescue station on the island of Negros. Breeders want to first create for birds suitable conditions for breeding in captivity, before you can go to their gradual return to the wild. "Our goal is to establish a breeding pelicans in several local rescue centers to be raised chicks in the future become the basis for a new wild populations, "she explains courtly zoologist and one of the coordinators of the project Michal Podhrázský.

Another pelicans from královédvorké zoo have moved to the Philippines in autumn this year. Zoo in Eastern Bohemia behaves Spot-billed pelicans since 2004 and the only one in the Czech Republic and reproduce regularly. Since 2007 there has been bred 58 cubs.

Spot-billed pelicans were first scientifically depicted just in the Philippines, where even at the beginning of the 20th century rife. Gradual loss of their natural habitat but has led to the fact that the species was in the sixties declared extinct on the islands. Currently they inhabit particular areas of India, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.


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