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Homolkových film from the author: I love you blue

Homolkových film from the author: I love you blue Jaroslav Papoušek, writer and director of films about family Homolkových and co-Forman comedies Firemen's Ball and Loves of a Blonde, wrote shortly before his death in the mid 90s romantic comedy One word I love blue. But it was not enough already implemented.

While with the idea of directing this film played the famous cinematographer Miroslav Ondříček, finance, however, manage to get, the scenario for a long time lying fallow. Smidmajer, producer and film director, who has to his credit a successful tale Hell with the princess and the popular comedy wake up yesterday, invited to collaborate on the script writer Paul Brycz, winner Orten prices and screenwriter Lucia Bokšteflovou. For dramaturgical supervision Milos Zahradnik and Mary Dufková was revised scenario that is versatile and portable to every age.

Comedy has already started filming and the premiere is scheduled for February 2017 under the title I love you in blue.

When asked why he chose Smidmajer this film, he replied: "There are several reasons. I knew with Jaroslav Papoušek and Miroslav Ondříček I thought was a close friend, and I know that he liked the script. I fell in love with the final love scenes that are extremely gentle, witty, playful, and I really enjoy. And after a little in bitter comedies, I wanted to make a film that requires a different type of narrative - refined, light, art ... "

I love you in blue
is a romantic comedy that is distinguished from other artistry. The parrot was a painter, a scenario situate in Prague's finest locations around Prague Castle, Charles Bridge ... Prague is not as though the filmmakers as responsive as other cities will be part of the film realized in cinematically friendly Olomouc.

The film involved a cameraman Asen Šopov architect Adam Pitra, artistic concept prepared by Lucie Ulíková. Cooperate makers like Elizabeth Jungrová and more.

Starring see Vaclav Jilek, Denise Nesvačilová (interested in the latest episode in the role of poets daughters Vendulka Consolation), Vladimir shorts, Tanya Medvecký, Mark Vašut, Han Vagner, grows Novak, Tereza Bebarová, Miroslav Taborsky, Philip Kaňkovského and more.

About the film

Sympathetic painter and art historian, Dr. David Barta, approaching Christ summers. His life would have been "settled" form and solid form. The opposite is true. Right now we are experiencing Barta quite unlucky period. Receives a notice from the National Gallery, are still living under the same roof with her mother, obsessed with yoga, he has no girlfriend and fails to even great art project that implements bonvivánským with his father. And suddenly there is a break! In the window of a luxury jewelry shop in Prague will Barta girl Teresa, beautiful decorator - mysterious, chaste and passionate, just erratic. It attracts unprecedented strength, and his bachelor life is suddenly turned upside down. Tereza is the girl of his dreams - but there is still "the" third - friend Teresa artiste Igor, jealous tantrum, and who can not understand that love can not be maintained at knifepoint. Relationship Teresa and Igor slowly ending, even though it's not without tumultuous and emotionally tense scenes. At David's sure it can withstand all carambola Teresa breakup with Igor and whether you can get Terezin favor ... It's not easy, because Tereza mysteriously disappears one day ...

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