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Tomas Kostka & Orchestra - new album Veles clip, in which he played with death

Veles, the name of the new recordings of Tomas Cat & ORCHESTRA, invoking pagan god. After the album is dedicated to the goddess of the earth and abundance vividly Tom Cat turns to the underworld lord who guards the order and time.

In blood and soul we pulsing rhythm of our ancestors, their dreams, joys and sorrows and fears. Also thanks to the nine original compositions Cat Tomas could hit every listener. The recording offers both thoughtful songs and Thumpin ', Jumpin burner. Tomas Kočko again producing a great feeling can interconnect compositions inspired by folk motifs with layered polyphony, while using rock guitars and procedures. On Veles resonate with echoes of ancient Slavic cults, the world of inspiration, which was alien to the strict black and white vision.

The video clip in which he played Tom Cat death

Tomas cats are closer to Veles somber conception of his songs remotely and also refers to the recording Godula. Even here also deny its positive attitude towards harsher musical genres. "After producing participate in the three ethnometalových plates'm pretty hard music načich and it is of course also reflected in the new album," says Tomas cats. But it certainly can not expect that perhaps changed fundamentally style. Musical Album page remains typically kočkovské mix of trance and brooding rhythms inspired by both traditional folk music and heavy metal and folk.

Tomas Kostka & Orchestra

Scarlet holders Angel prices for album of the year, their album POPLÓR competed in the prestigious top 20 Europian World Music Charts, album or carved into stone Ondrás became the prototype of the Polish theatrical performances Ondraszek - Mr. Łysej Gory ... With his music inspired by traditional Moravian music go around Europe from Russia to Ireland, playing at festivals, folklore, folk, rock and metal. While their first album - Top Boys - a tribute to folk poet valašskému Ladislav failed, the current CD - Veles - brings a diverse mix of genres firmly anchored in reference Moravian traditional music. And the spread between those two albums find music Tomas Cat and his Orchestra. World music with Moravian roots.

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