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Five tips on how to galvanize the morning stiff joints

Inflexibility joints accompanying rising represents one of the most typical symptoms of arthritis. Problems may take more than an hour. One feels the stiffness of the fingers and is not able to bend the small joints in the hand. How to quickly get in shape?

First take drugs on time

Consult your doctor about when it is appropriate to take the necessary medication in the morning. Effective administration may be drugs with antiinflammatory and analgesic hour before leaving the bed. It should be pills drink plenty of water and provide at least a couple of biscuits. To avoid unpleasant stomach irritation.

2. Pass under the duvet

Just prior to getting up out of bed carefully shakin sleepy muscles and stiff joints. The ideal exercise is still warm under the duvet. Follow systematically from smaller over larger joints, do not forget the neck. Practice slowly and carefully. Arise when joints are less stiff and painful.

3rd Indulge Bath

Your joints in the morning will appreciate a hot shower or stay in the bath - here you can proceed in careful warm up. Stiff points should be massaged or washcloth with warm water.

4th Dress up warm

Another way to indulge your body the necessary heat is warming garment that you are going to wear. Assistance may dryer, iron, or radiator.

TOPTI fifth and in the office

Joints should not even during the day should not find themselves in the cold. To warm up stiff areas use heating pads strategically placed heaters or creams warming effect.

To rheumatoid arthritis and all its manifestations fight as effectively as possible, it should be generally fit. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to healthy eating, physical activity practice suitable and care for wellbeing.

Source: Rheumatic

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