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Hippo - the most dangerous animal in Africa

Hippos are vegetarians, and yet are responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other animal. They kill even crocodiles.

Hippos spend most of their day loading in the water, under whose surface can withstand ten minutes without air. Boats with tourists can easily find ourselves above them. If when the hippos emerge from the water appears above their head small canoes or boats, it is almost certain that hippo flips. At a time when people are in the water, they have only a minimal chance aggressive animals to escape.

territorial defense

Anyone who has spent time in South African waters, confirms how annoying it is to find himself on a boat surrounded by these huge creatures snorted. Hippo is a real colossus, the only earthly creature that is bigger than he is an elephant. Hippos are also used to actively defend its territory, which stretches along the banks of rivers and lakes where they live. Most people are injured or killed because just at the moment when she confronts the shore, which is considered a hippopotamus for her.

Did you know that ...
... Thick skin produces natural sunscreen that is red initially and gradually changes color to brown?
... Genetically closest relatives hippos are the whales?
... An adult can consume up to 45 kg of plants a day?
... In terms of endangered animals in danger of extinction?
... Hippos can not jump?
... Manage to kill crocodiles?

mothers Protector

As with most other animals are also hippos big danger for humans dams. The moment someone closer to their babies, can reach speeds up to 32 km / h on land and 12 km / h in water. Their huge jaws have up to two feet of canines, against which man has to defend itself.

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