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Chekhov and Pushkin on the stage of Prague's Municipal Theatre

Chekhov and Pushkin on the stage of Prague's Municipal Theatre On stage MDP is now trying timeless stories of two Russian giants Chekhov and Pushkin. Director Peter Svojtka in Rokoko tragicomedy Uncle Vanya is preparing for the big desires and unfulfilled dreams. In the ABC Theatre, staged by director Paul Khek Eugene Onegin, the famous love story of unrequited love, the search for meaning and goal of life.

Chekhov Theatre in Rococo returned after nearly twenty years, this time directed by Peter Svojtka: "The play Uncle Vanya, as in other top games Chekhov, is a variation on the theme of life zmarněného Russian province late 19th century. The conflict between zidealizovaným and real everyday life, disappointed love, unfulfilled ambition, hope for a better future and disenchantment with reality, are all attributes that even during the time lost on the persuasiveness and through which we can glimpse today's society. Finding the meaning of life and midlife crises are now as pressing as before one hundred and twenty years ago, when the play was written. "

In the role of Ivan Vojnického, therefore, Uncle Vanya, will present Vasil Fridrich. Next on stage you will see, among other things. Zdenek Dolanského, Susan Kajnarová, Nina Horakova Ales Prochazka or row Fidlerová.
Premieres are held on the 4th and 6th of June.

ABC Theatre indicating a week later, on the 11th June, a masterpiece of Russian romanticism Eugene Onegin. After Anna Karenina and Bruiser is another work of Russian classics, which in the repertoire of Prague City Theatres gained its place. The famous love story come to life again in a dynamic Khek directed by Pavel. "Eugene Onegin in 2016, remains above the European great myth about the love that passes in time and space. The love story, which spent all of us, rejections that hurt, Confession, which arrives late, deciding between love and character, these are things eternal and familiar to everyone. Yet in every age taking place in other historical setting, and thus changes the motivation for action heroes, changing their appearance, character. This is a feature of every good artwork that speaks to every age and every man his own language that offers countless interpretations. And therefore see the familiar in a new form, it is an opportunity to look at something we think we know from school readings, completely fresh eyes, "says dramaturge Vera camouflage.

The role of St. Petersburg dandy Eugene Onegin played by George Hána, Tatiana fragile tenor Peter, also play Henrieta Hornáčková Ales Bílík, Jitka Sad, Hana Doulová, Jiri Schwarz, Jaroslav Vlach ad.

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