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For white wine on Uherskohradišťsko for red to Slovakia. By bike!

For white wine on Uherskohradišťsko for red to Slovakia. By bike! Cycling connection with wine tasting has become a popular trend of the moment. With rising temperatures should wine lovers and sports start planning where to go on the first spring outings. Domestic wine trails offer more than twelve hundred kilometers of possibilities for active holidays ..

More bike paths offers Morava

Given that cycling has become a popular activity not only young people but older wine lovers, there are varying lengths and wine trails. Since the Czech Kutnohorské-mile trail to Moravian Znojmo wine route long one hundred sixty-five kilometers. For most of the wine trails while you come into the range of twenty to fifty kilometers. Trails in the field can be identified by the image wine cellar. While in Bohemia and currently there are two wine cycling, Moravia offers ten the interconnected circuit of paths that connects the backbone Moravian Wine Trail.

Lovers of white, up to Uherské Hradiště

In addition to the length and difficulty of the route the trail can also choose according to their favorite varieties. If you're a fan of white wine, head to the Hungarian Hradiste, where he managed the long term. For example, you can taste it on the Path of Pinot Blanc, named by variety, which is in the northern part of Moravia wine region is grown the most. The trail begins and ends in Uherske Hradiste and the way you can visit the vineyards of the Secondary Agricultural School in Old Town or the Ceramics Museum in Tupesy. Longer variant is Uherskohradišťská wine trail. Mostly flat route leading from the Hruby groves near the Moravian sand into Polešovic suited for all-day family outing. Along the way you can relax in a wine cellar in the Noise.

On the Moravian Wine Trail will pleasantly surprise rose wine

In the spring and summer months, enjoying popularity rose wines. They are very refreshing and have included a smaller percentage of alcohol which cyclists will appreciate. "Red wines contain an average of about 1.5 percent less alcohol than wine red. Taste best chilled to about 10 degrees, or served on ice. A popular summer variant is particularly sparkling pink wine, "confirms Jitka Pomykalová of slovácký vineyard Blatel.

Supporters of rose wine should not miss too Znojmo or Mikulov. It is ideal both variants connect and go from Znojmo to Mikulov after the Moravian Wine Trail. In Moravia, where he rose wine has been produced since the 16th century, it has long been successful varieties St. Laurent, Zweigelt and the Lemberger.

For red wine, head to Slovacko

Most diverse selection of species cultivated varieties can be found at Strážnické Moravian wine trail. Route one hundred and one kilometers long you through the Lower basins, grazing the foothills of the White Carpathians and its longest stretch leads Hlučka Hills. On the way you can taste varieties such as Riesling, Lemberger and Blue Portugal.
"Red wines are perfect for an evening drink. Maybe Merlot is suitable for summer relaxation not only in cycling, "said Jitka Pomykalová.

Tasting until the very end of the route

The actual tasting, plan until the end of the route. Remember the same time that a bike is a means of transport and drive under the influence of alcohol would not be entirely safe. In addition to the Czech Republic for cyclists remain despite suggestions by some politicians strict conditions on the consumption of alcohol while driving. While in the country so it is a zero tolerance, for example, in neighboring Austria are allowed on the trails to 0.8 per mille.

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