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Pornography can help older, harmful to minors, ruin careers and relationships

Nearly five billion US dollars annually earns pornobyznys on the Internet. While the extraordinary profitability of porn is not in doubt, to his benefit, or vice versa harmfulness experts disagree. Some of them argue that its influence is entirely wrong, but others warn that dangers may not necessarily pose. It depends primarily on experience and age.

Older people may pornography significantly improve sex life, very young users vice versa hurt. If, however, a porn becomes an addiction, it can destroy up career and relationships.

According to recent research magazine Cosmopolitan pornographic material releases at least once a month over 70% of men, 30% of them even watching porn every day. While singles are looking more often and for longer than those who have a partner. Neither the women stay behind. According to data from last year's research magazine Marie Claire watching porn on a weekly basis, approximately one third of women.

Great discussion experts are currently being conducted on the usefulness or harmfulness contrary pornographic material. Experts agree that it is important to consider several factors. "It depends on the age of the man who porno tracks on the frequency of his sexual encounters and also whether man or woman maintains a functional relationship," explained some of the factors relational advisor and psychologist Alexandra Hrouzková the company MyLife Studio.

Porn can help older people

Pornography can have a positive impact, according to psychologists at the sex lives of older people. According to research conducted last year in the United States, nearly a third of men over the age of seventy years went to see porn in the last two months. The research also showed that for many men it is the only way they can achieve orgasm. "Seniors are often marginalized regarding sexual life. Sex while retirement ends. Even older person needs a caress, feeling that he was not alone, and intimate life to naturally belongs, "said Adam Durčák from the sex shop Pink Elephant that pornography can be for seniors in many ways inspiring." He can entice to experimentation, to testing of various non-coital activities such as petting, stroking and petting, but also to buy sex toys like vibrators, "he added Durčák.

In addition, it may not be just a far individuals whose health had full-fledged sex does not live. "Among older people living alone are also many women or men. Often they are widows or widowers who were sexually active life. And they can make life easier pornography, "adds Durčák. Not only older people, but also the middle generation can benefit porn. "Intermittent watch porno man or woman in middle age living in a partnership may not contented no harm," confirmed Alexander Hrouzková.

Juvenile porn poses risk

While older people may help pornography, adolescents and even children can be seriously hurt. The statistics compiled by the editorial team Server Online MBA shows that the average age at which children first encounter with porn is about eleven years. "With the development of information and communication technologies among adolescents extends the so-called sexting, ie electronic sending of text messages photos or videos with sexual content. According to the results of extensive research from 2012 sexting in the Czech Republic carries out roughly 7-9 percent of children, "explained Adam Durčák." Teenagers who have photos taken and circulated, are often unaware that they may act unlawfully, and that their actions can have far greater consequences, than the disgrace of published photos, "said Durčák.

Long porn while watching the young and inexperienced guy mentally noted. Adolescents with a lack of real sexual experiences are susceptible to the impression that what happens in the movie is real sex. The young men then are frustrated when they are compared with porno, girl again consents to unpleasant sexual practices just because they saw it in the movie. "In some cases, porno even disrupt the psychosocial development of that to the extent that it will be difficult to socialize including partner. With that, then obviously they related problems sexology, men, for example, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation during intercourse with a partner, "mentioned Alexander consequences Hrouzková that from watching porn can even become addictive. Problems while penalizing only the young and inexperienced users can become dependent adult.

"The consequences of this dependence are often considerable. A man may lose his job and all relationships, including friendship and family. Addiction to pornography is now compared to cocaine addiction, "concluded psychologist.

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