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Treatment of anorexia requires the involvement of the whole family

Anorexia nervosa is among the so-called eating disorders. This serious mental illness affecting the physical health suffers, according to statistics up to 1% of young girls. But everybody can even boys or adults. How the disease manifests itself and what is the solution?

Genes, hormones, adolescence

Exactly how the disease occurs it is not yet entirely clear. It turns out that may play a role of biological factors, such as heredity or hormonal imbalance. But the influence of the environment in which we find ourselves. Media present success and the ideal of beauty in the form extraštíhlých models in susceptible individuals may lead to feelings of dissatisfaction with their own bodies. Some theories connect with anorexia nervosa have conflicting relationship between mother and child, with fear of adulthood or rejection of sexuality.

dangerous road

The main manifestation of anorexia is intentional weight loss caused by the irrefutable perception of their thickness. Weight loss is usually the result:
food refusal,
extremely strict dietary measures,
excessive exercise,
Repeat inducing vomiting,
overuse of laxatives or drainage drugs.

Weight Loss for the price of health

Although anorexia nervosa primarily diseases of the psyche, has a more or less serious physical consequences. Among them:
disappearance of menstruation ,
dry, cracked skin ,
poor nails and hair,
damaged teeth,
enlargement of the salivary glands,
osteoporosis and many others.

Severe course of the disease may be associated with life-threatening disruptions of internal environment, severe heart rhythm disorders or heart failure .

Working with soul

Treatment of anorexia is next to cover maintenance and modification of the internal environment, especially in psychotherapy, possibly with the support of certain medications (such as antidepressants). Emphasis is placed on creating a change in attitude towards eating, the body image and self. Assistance may also be in addition to individual psychotherapy group for the presence of other patients. It is often necessary to work therapeutically with family members concerned.

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