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Nor underestimate common burns!

With minor burns met every one of us. We usually do not pay too much attention and take it as some kind of tax for our clumsiness or carelessness. But even superficial burns sometimes deserve care expert - especially when we do not want a permanent memorial in the form of scars.

Burns generally can be divided into superficial and deep.
Surface only affect the skin (epidermis) and after healing the patient remain any scars.
Deep lesions affecting the deeper part of the skin - corium. There is damage to the blood supply and wounds will always heal scars.

Burns can be divided into three stages, with the second stage can be subdivided into A (surface) and B (deep). The first stage and second stage of type A are among the burning surface, the second step B and the third stage are already classified as deep wound. The depth of involvement is essential not only because of the expected permanent consequences. They vary in treatment.

Age and other differences

The depth of damage, however, is only one factor in the severity of a burn injury. Also plays a role:
patient's age,
localization burns,
the percentage of damaged skin.

Otherwise thus we evaluate the severity of an accident, if it is an adult, and for the small child, although the extent of burns can be identical. The highest risk group are individuals younger than two years old, where considered as serious damage to the skin in the range of 5% of body surface. For adults is alarming volume burns over 20% of the body surface.

Home treatment

Burns of First Instance is the least serious and does not violate the integrity of the skin. On the site of present local signs of inflammation - skin is red, swollen, warm to the touch and painful . No special treatment is necessary, they served mostly painkillers. To accelerate healing, patients may also use a variety of plants and natural products - such as sea water with active oxygen. At the surface the second stage has a disorder of skin integrity, it is therefore necessary injured site provide temporary covers to prevent infection and the development of possible deeper wounds.

Beware of unsightly debris

I burned the first step can cause a severe reaction organism if it affects a large area of ​​skin (burn shock). Neither superficial burns is not to be underestimated and should be exploited by the surgeon or specialist in burn medicine. Injury usually does not threaten the patient's life, but it can leave behind permanent consequences in the form of scars. Flesh wound may be due to improper treatment deepen and cause the formation of permanent consequences.

Source: U lékař
He worked on the story: Ida Vitvarová
Expert guarantor article: MD. George Náhlovský

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