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When the cabinet is not enough, what to do with it?

With the upcoming spring more and more Czechs are thinking about how to deal with things that are no longer needed, but which would still have someone could come in handy. Few household currently stored heap unnecessary rubbish at the expense of space that would be in the flat could be used better.

With the arrival of spring, a lot of stuff ends up in boxes and then heading to the cottage, to the bazaar or even in containers. They behave and especially young families with small children, who live in apartments.

In the spring, more than ever, held various local flea markets, second-hand store children's clothes and toys filled with Internet auctions and bazaars various useless things, which served its somewhere and someone else on the contrary, make you happy.

Czechs love sales

Buying second-hand Czechs love, love will save especially for seasonal items such as sports equipment - the type of skis, snowboards, bikes, scooters, etc., Which by now like to change to a larger or more modern - as needed. But they like to be issued on hunting used clothing for children.

Boom-like sales and purchases annually runs particularly with regard to the current weather. Usually begins with the arrival of spring and lasts until about the end of May, when we think especially for the holidays. "At the same time monitor also increased movement in our country in storage cubicles throughout Prague," confirms this trend Andrew Šubrt of companies Less Mess Storage. " people come here not only to store seasonal clothing and sports equipment, but pick up here and in turn stored in used tires, weighing the cottage valuable goods with us zazimovali for thieves. Or bring in the furniture because reconstruct the entire apartment, "says Šubrt.

Donate toys, make children happy

If you have a children's room full of toys with which children no longer play, give it or sell it. Certainly there will be a number of children who are happy to welcome and delight them. If you do not plan to have more children, it makes no sense to hide heap squeezable animals, or interactive toys that are intended for children under three years of age.

Great haste for such toys, for example in hospitals where sick children with them not only Pohrajeme, but doctors can serve as aids in various investigations. Another option is to throw wrapped and clean toys to charity clothing container, or forward it directly to charity. And this way they get to the children who have yet will have genuine joy. If, however, the long term plan to have another child, then you need to consider what you do, not only with them but with many other things.

New outfits for the baby comes to 40,000

It is clear that the acquisition of a brand new outfits for the baby's family for quite a financial burden. According to a survey by Cord Blood Center comes to roughly 40,000. And because modern families usually prefer minimalist apartment without unnecessary cupboards and things must quickly get rid of unnecessary toys and other children's things that would house an impediment.

"On the other hand, young people are not just fighting with the place, but often with money, so if in the near future are planning another child, usually solves, where a stroller, baby baths, cots, car seats, Boby and of course a lot of clothes, but it all they can be used again, "lists Andrew Šubrt and supplies, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to use the nearby home of his parents or a suitable garage, so these things especially in large cities often move to external storage.

Others do it addresses the way that widgets to the birth of his own child borrows a friend who for them is to just use. Others on the contrary, trying to save where they can. The prefabricated houses and apartment buildings are mostly built-in cabinets or cellar, which often resist the incursions of thieves. Whether you opt for any variant, well, consider what else you hide and what you throw. Even here, the Law of Unintended works perfectly, so it is very likely that soon you'll need what you have in the big spring cleaning just got rid of.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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