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Maintenance strollers after winter is necessary

The winter season is a baby stroller signed by a number of adverse effects. Road salt destroys wheel tires and metal structures, which may begin to squeak or corrode. On the textile surface to collect dirt, damp and cold environment in turn causes the formation of mold. Therefore, at the end of the winter season, take time maintaining the characteristics of the stroller remained.

Careful service deserves all components

Stroller is like a car. While it can be made from premium materials under the banner of the prestigious brand, but if you do not care about him, soon its quality and functionality reduced. This is especially true in such a demanding season like winter. When the first signs of warming is therefore worthwhile to thoroughly check all parts of the stroller. Provided you have neglected during the winter regular treatment, take him on a more thorough final service. This should primarily be systematic, not to miss any part of the stroller.

For example, you can start with wheels, which come in the winter, the most workout. Acts on them is salted sidewalks and roads, increasing the amount of dirt and rough terrain caused icing gravel, sand or snow. "Particularly stressed are lighter prams with smaller wheels because they are not fully adapted to winter conditions. During the spring of service is so worth wheels completely dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. Maintenance stroller, never use harsh cleaners that may scratch the parts or otherwise discarded. Suffice fine jar and a damp cloth, "explains Lukas Fiala from the company Baby Direkt.

On moving mechanism works best silicone oil

Once the wheels are clean and dry, check the tire pressure. It should be able, if the front wheels value of about 0.6 bar, if the rear wheels to 0.8 bar. If necessary přifoukněte pump. Tire pressure is important. If the wheel is underinflated or overinflated contrary, damage to tires, rims and soul. Winter leaves traces also deposited on the friction surfaces of the moving parts in the vicinity wheel buggy. To them did not create rust, neskřípaly and you have to ensure a smooth ride, also clean the axle, bearings and other telecommunication mechanisms. Finally, lubricate with silicone oil spray. Silicone dries more slowly than normal due to the atomizer and oil is easier to get to all parts. Lubrication is not suitable grease or thick oil as capture dirt deposits and form one strong, tough layer that accelerates wear of the system.

Also, the surface of the chassis and a metal structure should undergo maintenance friendly. Like wheels on them signed aggressive salt, dirt and moisture. Again, use a mild detergent with a damp cloth. Running water or too wet rag rather not use, water is in contact with metal causes rust. The stroller should not dry in cold or humid, as it threatens to damage its parts. Even longer stays on the patio or balcony under direct sunlight is not perfect. The optimal solution is to dry the pushchair with a soft cloth and let it stand for a while at room temperature.

The covers are machine washable

Prone to pollution in winter textile surfaces stroller. If they do not pay sufficient care, the risk is that the original bright colors fade, you'll begin to form unsightly stains, fabric quality is greatly reduced, covers breaking down and will not perform its function. During winter walks are therefore advised to cover the outer surfaces of the stroller good raincoat. But even so late winter treat all textiles. "Although at first glance may not seem coatings are deeply polluted after the winter and breed in them bacteria that may endanger the child's health. Most of removable surfaces can be washed in a washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. When washing should assist gentle universal powder laundry detergents to aggressive rather avoid. Not only that the substance can cause damage, but also often irritate delicate skin. Unless you are washing a textile cover in hand, to read all of his area to prevent stains, "says Lukas Fiala.

Cleaning of textile parts that can not be removed from the stroller, should be done with the help of a damp sponge or cloth and a mild detergent or soap. Take care of the whole work to prevent the formation of local maps. Covers for leave to dry in the cold and damp, they may have to start creating mold. Neither drying in bright sunlight, heating or the stove is not a solution. Materials because they can change the color, in the worst case threatens to ignite the substance.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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