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Poets sixth. On old acquaintances be forgotten ...

Poets sixth. On old acquaintances be forgotten ... The legend returns after 12 years of the big screen! Poets time waiting for a miracle. WILL THE?

Stepan, and Kendy Karas remained even after twelve years of ourselves and friends for life. Their inexhaustible sense of humor and ability of self-irony, perhaps with a hint of skepticism, helps them cope with their messy lives.

Kendy is tired of commercials like a bulldog and goes for his dream about making a feature film. Karas decided to pamper your dream car Blue Dream has only virtually. He's more interested handsome teacher Drábková. Stepan's deputy chief physician at the hospital, where the stubbornly unyielding war with the director. Tou is none other than Vendulka Consolation!

The biggest concern is his thirteen year old son Stepanek, who after the death of Annie-Zrzečky educates himself. Karas and Kendy sees that it can not go on. They decide to find the right one for Stephen. But they are not the only ones who got this idea ...
Love writing poems and after all it is never too late. For whom it is but Stepan will invent this time?

Comedy Poets waiting for a miracle again brings ordinary human stories, kind humor and delight great dialogues penned by screenwriter Ladislav Pecháček. Naturally, there is an unmistakable directorial poetics Dusan Klein, songs and Jaroslav Uhlir cartoon passages Adolf Born. Favorite actors recur in almost the entire line-up: Pavel Kriz, David Matásek, Josef Somr, Eva Jeníčková, Paul Zedníček, Lukas Vaculik and others, as well as new faces.

Premiere film comes to cinemas on April 14 tr

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