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Traditional farming Easter festivity

Christian tradition of Easter celebrations is often associated with the pagan celebration of the arrival of spring. Anyhow it is a very popular holidays offer many traditional dishes and traditions. And it is not only at home but also in South Tyrol and on local farms association Roter Hahn.

Overall, the Easter holidays in South Tyrol associated with visits to the church and the generosity of loved ones. The most common gift dyed Easter eggs and bread, which the locals call "Fochaz". It is baked on Easter Sunday and people give them gifts to their godchildren. Sometimes they inserted them into cash donations. And also play a major role in various ways dyed eggs. So it is, for example, in Alta Badia, where girls eggs distributed to those who would like to in the coming year hold for men.

Dyeing eggs has a similar tradition, we know. Local farmers to color them like using natural techniques such as carrots, spinach, beetroot, elderflower or chamomile. Big hobby is coloring eggs for Beatrix farm Gamsegghof which dye and decorate eggs goose. These are in fact larger and more robust shell in which it can vyškrabávat variety of ornaments, decorations, often they also recorded sayings, folk wisdom and personal messages.

And what would it be without the Easter celebrations Preisguffen! This is an ongoing tradition on Easter Sunday, when after Mass, everyone will gather in the square in the village of Niederdorf. Among donesenými, home cooked and dyed on Holy Thursday eggs are searching for the toughest. The contest is open to everyone, eggs can be purchased at the venue of the local young farmers.

This time is associated with the popular race horse breed Haflinger in Merano. These beautiful and typical South Tyrol horses with their manes by color often nicknamed "blondes". The program begins in the morning procession of the participating horses from the city center hippodrome where races followed at a distance of 1,600 meters. The whole plant has a rich accompanying program including dance, singing and musical performances or displays of work with a whip. Haflinger breed lovers can stay on the farm Haflingerhof Tschatter & Kohl in a picturesque valley Sarntal. Walter local farmer with his horses annually attend races in Merano and year are attributed to him a great chance to win.

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