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Freeze you in bed legs? Homeopathy arrange heat

On cold hands or feet frequently complain about especially women. Someone annoy these problems only in winter, but many people still suffer. If the cause exclude other disease, but are not limited to test and homeopathy.

In most cases it is the feeling of cold hands and feet, only discomfort, although it may be accompanied by an objective and cold extremities. However, it can also be a symptom of a more serious illness. Then it is necessary to appropriate medical evaluation and appropriate treatment.

Annoying, but not serious

In mild cases that prevail, it is especially disturbed thermoregulatory function of the body. These conditions are sometimes technically called neurocirculatory disorders and their diagnosis can be difficult. This is a malfunction of the nerves that control the width of blood vessels. Nervous regulation of vascular lumen serves physiologically affecting body temperature. In cold conditions, the vessel narrows due to saving of body heat in the heat expands the contrary, to avoid overheating. In affected individuals, the reactivity of vessels is increased, which causes the above-mentioned feeling of cold extremities. Vessels to cold stimuli react more sensitively and their narrowing occurs at higher temperatures than normal. In addition to changes in ambient temperature may be a precipitating factor also stress and mental strain.

Sluggish metabolism

On neurocirculatory disorders it is contributing even slow metabolism, when there is insufficient production of body heat. With that we can meet for people in general:
poor health,
with insufficient thyroid ,
suffering from anorexia,
with predominantly sedentary lifestyle,
having a low amount of fat.

Time for vital treatment

Feeling cold hands and feet but may be associated with more serious diseases.
Peripheral vascular disease. In this case due to atherosclerosis of the arteries foot for their permanent constriction and thus to insufficient perfusion. In the early stages of the disease is poorly palpable pulse and lower extremities are cold. In advanced cases, they can not find a pulse legs at all and appear poorly healing ulcers and gangrene. An extreme form is called. Acute arterial closure, which can lead to loss of limbs. In these cases it is necessary classical treatment possibly consuming operations on the affected arteries .
Polyneuropathy. These are nerve impairment due to metabolic disease. Most often this condition encountered for example in diabetes or in alcoholics. In addition to the subjective and objective coldness, mainly in the legs, may appear and burning or tingling sensation. Solving these problems is very complex and takes place mostly in outpatient pain treatment.
Diabetic foot. It is a combination of ischaemia and neuropathy. Despite intensive treatment of this disease often leads to the need for amputation.
Raynaud's disease. It mainly concerns the blood vessels of the upper extremities, and it's basically an extreme form neurocirculatory disorders. Here, in addition to the cold frequent precipitating factor of tension or anxiety. After a starting torque leads to impactor severe narrowing of the arteries of the upper extremities, leading to paleness fingers. After several minutes the vessels expand and appears redness. With this condition is encountered mostly in women.

What can homeopathy

Arsenicum album - medicine for people generally significantly weakened. The result of this state are cold hands and feet, or coldness of the whole body. This may be either due to serious long-term disease (e.g., due to chronic heart failure or asthma), or as a result of hard extending acute disease (such intense diarrhea). These individuals tend to be pale, cold skin, but felt any pain like burning embers. Cold perceive so much that they can not warm up despite the heat and brings them to seek relief.

Sepia officinalis
- is primarily a drug for women who are sensitive to cold. Winter in any form is not good for them, they even have cold hands and feet in a bed or in a warm room. Another typical situation is to have cold extremities with headaches. They seek warmth, even in summer (secretly, of course) like to take warm socks. Difficulties with them mitigate vigorous exercise, like jogging or aerobics.

Calcarea carbonica
- preparation appreciate very chilly individuals suffering from ice legs. They feel as if they were still wearing cold and wet socks. The problem is troubled even after walking in the cold air. Overall it is a type of pale, obese and flabby, prone to respiratory diseases in from the cold. The overall picture is approaching patients with impaired thyroid function.

- suitable for women so sensitive to cold that virtually nothing could warm up. Easily ill particular from undercooling head and foot. Headaches only relief they provide warm compresses. Women corresponding to this type tend to have cold hands and feet during menstruation.

Lycopodium clavatum
- A good remedy for patients who are treated for gout. Specific symptom in them is that the same may have one arm or leg and the other cold or hot it rotates. Difficulties are exacerbated by alcohol.

Baryta carbonica
- Medicine for older people who have cold hands and legs due to atherosclerosis. This disease with them is very advanced. This manifests itself, for example by reducing mental abilities, nepamatováním you new things, possibly longer can these people suffer from some degree of dementia. More help for the suitability of the drug is consistently high blood pressure. They medication can relieve the discomfort, but not a cure for atherosclerosis, it is always necessary to use other medications prescribed by a doctor!

Nux vomica
- medicine for people with a sense of cold throughout the body. They have the impression that they can not warm up, which is usually at the beginning of respiratory illness or influenza.

Arnica Montana
- preparation suited in cases of weakened blood circulation in the legs when varices. Increases the amount of oxygen in cells and improves healing.

Secale cornutum - solves cold hands and feet smokers. It is a prescription drug and its possible use must consider the doctor.

Other options

Fight the feeling of cold hands and feet can be as following:
Avoid unnecessarily low temperatures and frost.
Protect yourself from the cold gloves and warm socks.
Allow free circulation of blood - do not wear too tight clothes.
Avoid stress.
Otužujte with.
Give up coffee and cigarettes.

Author of the article: MD. Jaroslav Čupera
Specialization: Intensive Medicine
The doctor is devoted to intensive medicine and homeopathy. He is a member of the Council of Homeopathic Medical Association, os, currently operates in AGNI center in Rosice u Brna

Source: U lékař

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