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Pamper your liver can not live without them!

Although this institution boasts considerable ability to regenerate, damaged some substances may be irreversible. Life-threatening liver failure can cause a need in the treatment of common colds or the preparation of mushroom delicacies.

Unlicensed danger

The liver may be damaged by the use of certain types of drugs, even if the recommended dosage. If there is an increased risk of such a phenomenon, a doctor performs regular blood tests, which warns of the danger in time. More often, however, the experts met with sudden liver failure due to use of common products that are not available on prescription. We are talking primarily about drugs against pain and fever, which literally disappear from pharmacies during frequent colds. There is more than ever necessary to strictly follow the dosage indicated in the package insert and various preparations among themselves not to combine. There is a real risk of overdose, which can be fatal.

Mushrooms rather atlas

Another possible cause of the rapidly developing liver failure is poisoning mushrooms, mostly agaric. These cases despite showcasing unfortunately still exist. The first symptoms of poisoning, in particular abdominal pain , bloody diarrhea and vomiting occur after about 10 hours. If this problem does not pay sufficient attention and adequate treatment does not start, then after 3-4 days to life-threatening liver function failure.

The enemy no. 1

Alcohol and its long-term use is the most common cause of liver damage. Alcohol affects the liver tissue as a poison - its effects can result in the dreaded develop cirrhosis or cancer.
Liver cirrhosis usually occurs after years of excessive drinking.
As far as the high doses of alcohol can cirrhosis occur after only a few months.
Full cure is possible only by undergoing transplantation. That, however, made in the first half year of proven abstinence.

Life without liver is not possible. Keep therefore the authority and underestimate the risks that come with the use of alcohol, certain medications and eating unfamiliar mushrooms brings.

Source: Viral hepatitis. com

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