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Walk barefoot ....

Walk barefoot .... What should know not only lame, President Zeman: diabetes, kidney failure and chronic inflammation of the great treats new method, which is thousands of years old. It's the shoes? Erika Hájková informs unique method of healing to which the patient needs only a doctor, bigger than all of us.

A century or more ago it was quite common in our country, the poorer classes went in the summer - even in winter - barefoot. In this regard, it seems that we are indeed "progress": Today everyone can afford shoes. But that's not such a great bargain as most think. While it is good when we nezebou feet, but walk steadily shod not, according to the results of new and old research and clinical practice, quite healthy. One of the great modern medical "breakthroughs" in fact is a fact that for their life and health of not only your heart and blood vessels need - direct contact with the ground.

Very simple miracle ....

"Grounding", is starting to develop as a growing and successful treatment method, of which write both abroad and clinics specializing in cardiovascular disease. Not so here - unlike in America, it seems that nobody has any "Grounding Institute" did not found a book about grounding writes. Is it good or bad? That is the question. That method is so simple that it is questionable whether it is for its use really need to read a book, or buy special equipment. In any case, the need for this surprisingly simple and effective way to know healing.

Heart surgeon marvels Country cured diabetes ....

Polish cardiologist Karol Sokal and his son Pawel, specializing in neurosurgery, actively explore and document various effects of "grounding" for more than twenty years. In his practice, they try it on hundreds of patients, including many with diabetes. The good results of this practice have pointed out in a study from 2011.

"Some of the patients we were able to completely discontinue insulin because their blood sugar fell only on the basis of the Discalced walks in the grass," says the father and son Sokal. "He even revealed that in some cases a combination of medication and grounding led to the fact that insulin decreased too . It's pretty hard to say "normal" patient that has those medications for diabetes need not take because you can just walk barefoot - but that's exactly what we found. And this is not just in the case of diabetes. For her, of course, depends a lot on the type and severity of what is involved, I would not recommend it flat without consulting a doctor. But some patients who swallow drugs against diabetes, we are completely planted. "

He adds: "Our experiments have shown that longer stay in the" ground "for three days and two nights in some patients resulted in a decrease in blood glucose levels. So far, however, we had to test only twelve volunteers, half of which was a control group that was not grounded. We need more research on it so that we can - perhaps - to measure how long sojourn whom need to be able to discontinue medications. It is quite possible that this someone will do three nights. "

To better immunity? Walk barefoot!

Positive effect on blood sugar, but the beneficial effects do not stop. Incidentally, the American physician Stephen T. Sinatra, who also pays grounding, argues that for improving the condition of diabetics among other things, there was a strong anti-inflammatory effect of "grounding" as called grounding in English. This prevents the downward spiral, in which the body in diabetics diabetes second type of fat creates chemicals typically associated with inflammation, which further blocking recognition insulin.

His findings also imply that "byproduct" walking barefoot is better immunity and wound healing. Another positive effect is the effect on the heart and circulation. Already after a few minutes you can be observed how regulates blood circulation, and blood circulation in the legs. As if the "burst dam" long pent energy that suddenly flows into the legs.

What's going on? The principle is actually very simple. Our body formed from most water and minerals, excellent water. Country obviously has an electric potential - and that, in a stream of electrons (in other words slaboulinkého direct current) passes into human cells when the body is the "Mother Country" separation of rubber or other poorly conductive material.

Grounding "diabetic foot ....

Then, surprisingly, that the "grounding" is clearly good medicine on diabetic neuropathy, a disorder of nerve function in diabetics, leading along with poor blood circulation in the limbs to the emergence of the notorious "diabetic foot" full of ulcers and gangrene. Diabetics with this condition can help the various alternative ways of treatment (especially in this context great results homeopathy), but conventional medicine cures 'diabetic foot' rather palliative, that is relieving, amputated, etc. "Ground" could therefore be an important supportive factor for effective treatment.

As evident from Dr. David Richards, a family doctor from New South Wales: "I am a family physician for over thirty years and have never had the means to really help diabetic neuropathy. No doctor can help in this direction will not offer much of anything. You tooth and nail to keep blood sugar levels normal. But the feeling in your feet you do not return. But when I started working with the earth, everything completely changed.

Already after one hour consultation with their feet "uzemněnýma" special device which I pinned her on the soles of your feet, one patient has said he feels legs. I did not think it was insensitive, it never told me, I did it originally for other reasons.

Since then, such a procedure diabetics doing standard, whether to problems with sensitivity limbs complain or not. I cured even harder cases. And not just diabetes. People with failing kidneys suddenly begin to heal. My brother-who is on dialysis and such hocus-pocus 'tried very reluctantly, his doctor said: "I do not know what to do with them, but do it on.' Better. And it is just one of many. , Cured 'my temper and the lady who almost thirty years after spinal surgery dragged behind him, his dead leg "as she said. She could not move her fingers and feet. And now it can. Just because it is well grounded. "

Light as a key ....

The electrons in the cells are vital to our health. Indeed, the same principle benefit Budwigové Dr. successful method with which today people around the world self-help cure cancer, and about which we have already informed the counterflow times. It's just to get into cells - "light".
It seems that the right light is the key to healing.
However, it is very important to remember just "ground", because as it turns out, can have major health consequences. Concern not only diabetes and diseases of the heart and blood circulation, but also other lifestyle diseases. It is evident that the disease in question ( "civilization") arise only from the diet, but also from other "conveniences" that brought civilization. Just go out ...

The list of "miraculous healing" could continue almost indefinitely. Many doctors, like dr. Richards, betting on a special "widget" that the patient grounded. They are sold as special mattresses because sleep "in the ground" is reportedly not the best thing for himself a man can do.

Such "hejblátka" may diabetics and other seriously ill people help greatly. But certainly not the only way to "ground". Perhaps just very little: after a long time again in the morning to go through with bare feet in the dewy grass. It is the best experience to lead the way. Not bad to make a habit of it: a little time to themselves. Or even more seriously: out into the countryside and take a nap in a sleeping bag "under the stars" on the ground.

On hot summer nights you do not need a mat, and when you stick your hand out of my sleeping bag, ground them is just as special mattress. At least it says physicians dealing with this "revolutionary" method, which is, in fact, like all good healing techniques as old as the world itself.

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