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Brno Zoo: polar bear Cora showed her cub

A polar bear Cora surprised breeder and a month earlier than the previous fuss rearing their young for short walks in the outdoor enclosure.

Safety cub still remains way around the exhibition closed. Visitors to the family of bears can look forward to in the first weeks of March.

"Nanuk and comets Cora began to walk into the paddock three and a half months while the first cub released in less than three months. May in fact play a role that is one cub and boxing are boring, but it can also be extremely hot weather, "said zoo director Martin Hovorka Brno. Cora is already three weeks and nourished at the end of last week was the breeder of polar bears for the first time since giving birth in the hinterland of the birthing box. Now it'll be a few days regularly attend birthing box, to see how he reacts Cora.

"First contact went well. While Cora was a little nervous, but this is important to gradually got used to the presence of people and was ready for the first veterinary inspection baby, "says
keeper Jaroslav Jasinek. If everything is done right, the time necessary to conclude the entrance to the outdoor enclosure, clean the pool, and then nothing will hinder the first horse inspection. After finding out the sex will follow the selection of names together with the public, the term baptism and godmother polar cub.

The fate of small teddy bears is not always smooth. In November 2010, Cora gave birth to two cubs, which after a few days she ate. Why it happened, but caregivers do not know.

Whelping box polar bears

Source, photo: tz, Zoo Brno

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