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Gingivitis, may cause erectile dysfunction and breast cancer

Gum disease and tooth may affect male impotence. It comes from a survey of the Medical University in Malatya, Turkey, which focused on the male population aged 30-40 years. The results have shown that men in this age suffer from pain in the gums, there are three times more likely than healthy men that will have to cope also with erection problems. In case of women gingivitis may increase the risk of breast cancer.

Erectile dysfunction and gingivitis have identical causes

Medical study compared 80 men with erection problems with 82 men without such difficulties. It was found that up to 53% of men with erectile dysfunction, ie those who are faced with the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, they also have also inflamed gums.

"The potential link between dental problems and sexual performance is the health of blood vessels. Erection is formed when the brain is recorded sexual stimulation, begins to muscle in vascular walls and in the erectile tissue of the penis and increase the circulation of blood to the spongy tissue of the organ. Blood vessels were then sealed to maintain in this area needed blood. Gum disease can then reduce the elasticity of the endothelial lining of blood vessels, which has the most influence now to erection problems, "explains renowned gynecologist and sexologist, MD. Pavel Turčan.

For erectile dysfunction, and chronic gingivitis extra costs identical risk factors. These are primarily aging, smoking, diabetes or coronary artery disease. Known it is also a correlation between gingivitis and systemic vascular difficulties, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, or in the case of women's premature birth.

Erection problems can alleviate a change of lifestyle

According to data from the Czech Urological Society erectile dysfunction occurs most frequently among males aged over 50 years, more than half of them. Rare, however, is not even in younger individuals. Problems with erection at least temporarily during the life of most men go through. Although her have the most influence psychosomatic factors can not be excluded that this is also the first symptom of serious illness. Therefore, it is preferable, as in the case of other health problems, problems in a timely manner to prevent and devote efforts sufficient prevention. It is important to avoid all risk factors, especially smoking and obesity.

But when the first signs of erection problems occur, it is necessary to change the existing lifestyle, lose weight, increase physical activity, reducing smoking and alcohol use, avoid stressful situations and indulge enough sleep. If impaired quality of erection does not improve, it is the place to see a doctor. You can also use the natural remedies. They contain substances that promote erection ability. Ginseng is valid as a means for increasing libido and potency. Peruvian cress in turn has positive effects on physical performance and mental resilience and is recommended in disorders of sexual function.

Gum disease can affect whether or not breast cancer

Advanced gingivitis affects up to 12% of adults. Dental problems can have an effect not just on male sexual performance, but also on the health of women. A new study by University at Buffalo's School of Public Health and Health Professions in New York, who studied 74,000 postmenopausal women showed that gum disease may also increase the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women, especially smokers. Unlike women whose disease does not show gum, up to 14% of women suffering from dental problems subject to increased risk of breast cancer. And if moreover indulge smoke or smoked in the past 20 years, the risk increases to 30%.

Pain in the gums while women most often causes incorrect lifestyle such as lack of food intake, lack of physical exercise and excessive alcohol consumption, leading to an overall reduction in health. Dental diseases, however, are only one of many factors influencing the formation of breast cancer, which are the most common cancers among women in the Czech Republic. Also play a big role genetic or hormonal factors.

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