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Elektrobus Skoda thanks to fast charging stations recharge in ten minutes

Skoda Electric has completed development of the electric shame Perun HP, the machine was last approved. Its advantage is quickly charged: within six to ten minutes of charging the bus is ready for operation. Currently, the testing, the results should be known in the spring of 2017.

Testing in Pilsen began last May on the final stop line no. 33 on the estate Košutka. On the bus turntable were built facilities for fast charging stations. "The unprecedented power of 600 kW is able to recharge electric bus at the time of six to ten minutes. Thus, it is possible to ensure that cars were constantly in traffic and ensure smooth traffic on the selected route. In the future it is possible that electrobuses fully replace diesel buses, "said Tereza Hajná from Škoda Electric.

Skoda Perun HP's twelve-electric low-floor buses with a lightweight body. "The electric and automatic recharging stations are currently deployed under the EU test project electrobus ZeEUS. Testing will continue until the end of 2016. In the spring of 2017, then released the official information guide that summarizes technical and economic results of the project involved operations. Among them Plzen, Münster, London, Barcelona, ​​Cagliari and other European cities, "explained Ruth Bízková, President of the Technology Agency, which supported the development of electric bus.

"The advantage of the new electric bus is that they have capabilities and performance comparable to traditional buses with internal combustion engines, but unlike them meet the strictest criteria and requirements to ecology and the concept of a clean environment," says
Ruth Bízková. "Indisputable advantage over classical buses are combustion engines are among others also lower operating costs, "she added.

Second electrobus, whose development was co-financed by TA CR, bearing the Skoda Perun HE (ŠKODA 26BB HE PERUN) in 2014 completed a total of 9 intensive lending within the transport companies in the Czech Republic and Poland, was in the second half of 2015 on loan to the transport company town of Hradec kings. Here in competition with other electrobuses witnessed so much that he local transport company subsequently bought.

ZeEUS project ( "Zero Emissions Urban Bus System", a "system of urban buses with zero emissions"), an umbrella organization UITP (UITP), comprising European transport companies. Project partners and members of the project consortium consists of 40 companies and other organizations whose activities associated with the development and operation of electric buses: carriers, transport companies and public transport organizers, manufacturers, energy companies, schools and research institutes. The Czech Republic was involved in the project consortium Skoda Electric Pilsen Urban Transport Company and the Pilsen district heating together with the University of West Bohemia.

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