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Passive houses in the Czech Republic there are over 1600

More than 1,600 houses in the Czech Republic meets the conditions of a passive house. Czechs in the construction of passive houses venturing increasingly, passive houses are becoming mainstream. This is evident from the statistics Passive House Centre, under which for almost 10% of all new construction of houses being built in the passive standard. The main reasons are the elimination of heat leakage and subsequent energy savings.

Alternative construction methods already used not only ignite environmentalists. The main reason for building a passive house is especially valuable to save energy and money. That's what experts say is aware of more and more individuals from the Czech population. "People already do not ask what it is passive house, but how to build and which technologies to use," said the director of the Passive House Jan Barta. The rise in popularity of passive houses also contributed to the new subsidy program green savings. "The program is a new continuous, so everyone can calmly think about whether he investment in quality and healthy living worthwhile," added Barta.

According to current statistics program used the new green savings in the first two months since its launch in October 2015 more than 1,500 people who have applied for an amount exceeding 343 million crowns. State Environmental Fund in 2016 is expected to mobilize worth 2.85 billion crowns. The continuous challenge and can submit applications until 2021. For citizens from a total of 27 billion crowns.

Subsidies support and passive houses

In addition to the replacement of windows, doors or insulation of the house also supports the prompt construction of houses with very low energy consumption. As in previous calls, the amount of the grant depends on the achieved energy savings and can help cover up to 50% of total expenditure. Most applicants reported Silesian, Central Bohemia and South Moravia. The fewest applications on the contrary, originate from Karlovy Vary and Liberec Region. Most often, people apply for aid insulation, where it is going over 70% of the funding from grants. Interest is growing as well as contributions for passive houses. Currently, about one hundred records requests.

According to experts, the biggest cause of energy loss not only for passive house windows. Glass surface is easy to cool and badly isolated. Even the most advanced windows from quality manufacturers, while not able to completely keep the heat inside the house. "People want to go home in the heat of sustainability even further and maximize eliminate thermal bridges," said Lubomír Valenta (Lomax). Almost absolute isolation of windows according to him, just to ensure quality installation of roller shutters. Generally, shading technology from year to year more desirable. While blinds significantly reduce heat loss, exterior shutters again helping to save on building cooling and air conditioning. Interest can be seen in the increasing demand, which at year-blinds is about 14%.

Superstructure for really high-quality thermal secure home is the automatic control shield. Motorization, thanks to sensors to utilize the current weather. Sensors evaluate the weather outside the building and accordingly arrange pulling or vice versa withdrawal shutters. The house can not overheat or cool completely.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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