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Battery used by people already BC

Most of us take for granted batteries and their importance to always realize when to stop working. Just because we can appreciate their indispensability in the life of modern man and pay them tribute, with February 18 is International Day of batteries. How does the battery work, and why the international day celebrated? Charge knowledge and interesting you about batteries may never know.

Using batteries reloaded before Christ

Probably very few people in the school missed the story of how the Italian physicist Luigi Galvani autopsy noticed twitching frog legs. He took the energy that the jolt caused and was not alone. He showed interest in her and other eminent physicist Alessandro Volta, who subsequently revealed that it did not cause twitching frog's leg, but contact with an electric wire scalpel. It is this wire was frog legs attached to the table. Since then, it has been far from the first batteries ..

"Few people have yet knows the story of how in 1938 archaeologist Wilhelm König discovered a clay vessel, which contained iron bars impregnated with acidic solution and coated with copper. It seems that wine or vinegar and operate batteries that are in the area around Baghdad, Iraqi used for two hundred years before Christ, "says Radim Tlapak of

Happy birthday, sir Volte

Thanks volt attempts and continuous improvement today do not have phones or watches charge despite frog legs, not because of vinegar. In 1800 he created the first battery using a layering of zinc, blotting paper impregnated with the acid and salt, and silver, which became the foundation of batteries as we know them today. It was to commemorate the author of the first modern battery because the International Day of batteries on February 18th. On this day, in fact Volta in 1745 in Italy was born. The name of his invention, but share with Galvani. Voltaic column or article is much better known in English as a galvanic cell.

Recharging the batteries began in England

The first came with batteries for reuse Englishmen. Already in 1836 there were lead-acid batteries, which are still used in automobiles. Recharge can also be called lithium-ion batteries. "Although often confused with lithium batteries, unlike them, they do not have to throw away after one use. They contain ions which move between the anode and cathode, which enables the re-charge ", explains Tlapak. People should not be discouraged by the higher cost, because they quickly returned, and moreover do something for the environment. "Even though it should be noted that sooner or later becomes worn and exhausted each battery. Even rechargeable batteries contain chemicals that will not last work as reliably years, "says Radim Tlapak.

Batteries have a memory

Nickel-cadmium batteries, NiCd for short, is a type of rechargeable battery that remember what you do with them. Thus, if a reload when they're not completely exhausted, they forget that they have a greater capacity. That is why it is recommended that mobile phones and other devices to allow the battery to fully discharge before you connect it to the charger. Failure to do so gradually shorten their life to a minimum.

Old Batteries do not belong in the trash

In the Czech Republic every year allegedly sold about one hundred and fifty million new batteries. Thanks to the affordability of most common types of batteries in the household regularly acquire and at the same time getting rid of useless pieces already. Although the batteries contain a number of chemicals and loosely thrown in a landfill can be very dangerous for the environment, many people are still throwing into ordinary trash bins. "The correct procedure is to cast the battery in one of the thousands of back points that can be found throughout the country. Because they are safely secured, and are either recycled or ecologically destroyed, "explained David Vandrovec, Director of REMA, which is engaged in taking back old electrical appliances, batteries and accumulators." Before another unnecessary flashlight throw in the trash, therefore try inquire whether levied your business, school or nearby electronics shop, "said Vandrovec.

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