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Marsalis, Shorter and Porter know their class Seconds. Brno JazzFest program unveiled

Marsalis, Shorter and Porter know their class Seconds. Brno JazzFest program unveiled Previously anoncovaný triumvirate of superstars Brno JazzFest complement of candidates takřečeného second basket. But that is not a second-rate artist, it is clear now at the mere list of names. Robert Glasper Experiment, Yaron Herman and Ziv Ravitz and Tomasz Stanko, and the distinctive personalities of contemporary jazz and admired and often copied by artists with a clear vision. The organizers of the established Brno Festival but going much more.

From February 12 to April 28 during a twelve-concert evenings besides the already mentioned presents musicians from fourteen countries and will not miss the selection of the best from the domestic scene, among others, should be Viklicky trio, Ondřej Pivec and Ruml.

"The trio has been detected headliners and adding a distinctive artists from different parts of the jazz spectrum," says the festival's artistic director William Spilka. A prime example is the pianist Robert Glasper and innovator. It is well known to our audience in Brno but apparently featured in the last tour with the band experiment in its current form and with the current repertoire. Glasper escaping their mix of jazz, hip hop and R'n'B appeals to audiences across genres and over the last few years has reached almost cult status among fans of black music.

Aura legends surrounding the třiasedmdesátiletého Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko, who stood at the birth of the European avant-garde jazz, but also as one of the few European jazz musicians broke through in the US. Recently there have also looked into his current teammate "American" quartet - Reuben Rogers, Gerald Cleaver and New York domesticated Cuban David Virelles constitute one of the most inspiring rhythmic sections currently.

Piano element Yaron Herman is returning to the festival after seven years, and this time its still perhaps the most interesting project Everyday duo with drummer live Ravitz. "Herman can dazzle as a solo musician and as inciters larger ensemble, but touring as a duo seems to be created directly for him. Can it be applied in their chosen feeling for melody and harmonic sense and also perfectly utilize the possibilities that this format offers the performance, "says artistic director of the JazzFest Brno William Spilka.

Sure promise of great experience and concerts Quartet drummer Jochen Rueckert phenomenal Mark Turner on tenor saxophone post, the new band Spanish guitarist Albert Villas with excellent Venezuelan pianist Luis Perdomo or international project Trio Robert Balzar with Italian clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassim.

Wide range of concerts complement the wide range of Czech bands. Evening of jazz singing a capella ensemble presents world-class knaves and popular but still loving jazz Ondrej Ruml. Abrahámoviny in the presence of the trio Viklicky, Winterfisch band and the resurgent legend the first half of the nineties, The Four bands, celebrates teammate perhaps every local jazzman Peter Dvorsky. Next up is renewed Organic Quartet Ondřej Pivec, but will be presented at a luxury doubleconcert between genres and moving up Malina - Fox - Nejtek. There will also be jam sessions and other club performances, concert jazz department of Janacek Academy of Performing Arts, and educational workshops.

Program JazzFestBrno 2016

12. 2. Sono Center, 18:30, 21:00
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis (US)

8. 3. Bobycentrum 19:30
Gregory Porter (US)

3. 4. CED - Theatre Goose on a String, 19:30
Knave (CZ)
Ondrej Ruml and Matej Benko Quintet (CZ / SK)

6. 4. CED - Theatre Goose on a String, 19:30
Peter Dvorsky celebrates 50 congratulate Emil Viklický Trio, Walter Fischbacher's Winterfisch, The Four (CZ / AU)

8. 4. Sono Center, 19:30
Robert Balzar Trio + Gabriele Mirabassi (CZ / IT)
Yaron Herman & Ziv Ravitz (IL)

10. 4. CED - Theatre Goose on a String, 19:30
Raspberry-Fox-Nejtek (CZ)
Pivec Organic Quartet Reunited (CZ)

11. 4. Sono Center, 19:30
Jochen Rueckert Quartet feat. Mark Turner (US / DE / UK)
Robert Glasper Experiment (US)

13. 4. Bobycentrum 19:30
Wayne Shorter Quartet feat. Danilo Perez, John Patitucci, Brian Blade (US / PA)

17. 4. Sono Center, 19:30
Albert Vila Quartet feat. Luis Perdomo (ES / FI / VE)
Tomasz Stanko, and Quartet (PL / US / CU)

24. 4. Alterna 19:30
WUH Trio (GB / US)
Petr Beneš Quartet + Hloucal Miroslav (CZ)

27. 4. Eagle Theatre at 19:30
Concert Department of jazz interpretation JAMU (CZ / SK)

28. 4. Alterna 19:30
Rio Danubio (SK / PE)

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