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How životko and penzijko reduce tax for 2015?

Deposits on the contract of life insurance, pension insurance and supplementary pension savings reduce the subject to statutory conditions tax liability. Early termination of the contract contrary, the tax liability increases. Proceed as employees and as entrepreneurs?

Deposits in life insurance can reduce the annual income tax by up to 1,800 CZK, contributions to pension insurance or additional pension savings also up to 1,800 CZK. "When you maximize the tax benefits it is possible to reduce the annual tax liability by up to 3,600 CZK, is certainly an interesting bonus for participation in such financial products, "says Emil brooch from the company FinFocus.

Pension and supplementary pension savings

The annual tax base of personal income tax can be reduced by up to 12 000 CZK. Every thousand crowns a reduction in the tax base while providing tax savings of CZK 150 (CZK 1 000 x 15%). However, reducing the tax base through annual contributions in excess of 12 000 CZK. In practice, this means that the monthly deposits in the amount of CZK 1 000 less in pension plans and supplementary pension savings tax liability decreased. Maximum tax saving of 1 800 CZK then reach people saving on their supplementary pension insurance policy or supplementary pension savings, which are both products III. pension pillar, CZK 2 000 or more. "The tax deduction is assessed amount paid to contract throughout 2015, including any outstanding deposit at the end of the year," he explains.

Life Insurance

From the tax base of personal income tax for 2015, you can deduct contributions to a life assurance policy up to an amount of 12 000 CZK. The payment of benefits must be negotiated in the contract up to 5 years after the conclusion of the contract, while earlier in the calendar year in which the taxpayer reaches the age of 60. It must not be possible under the terms of interim payment of money. Changes in life insurance was precisely from 2015, clients could choose whether to retain the continuous selection or not. While leaving the choice of interim agreements already for the year 2015 is not entitled to a tax deduction.

The tax deduction is to be proved

Employees who are not obliged to file a tax return, they must apply for a tax deduction deliver accountants to 15 February confirmation of payment of life insurance. Entrepreneurs and employees filing a tax return this certificate to accompany the tax return. The deadline for filing tax returns for the year 2015 to 1 April 2016. Insurance companies sent a confirmation automatically at the beginning of the year. If for some reason not receive the statement, so it is necessary to request it. "Because the application of tax deductions arises employees, as carried out by their employer annual tax settlement, are entitled to a tax refund because during 2015 paid on monthly tax advances more than the calculated income tax for the full year 2015. The tax refund will be followed by higher net wages after taking the annual bill, "says Pin.

Beware of additional taxation deductions

For early cancellation of life insurance, pension insurance and supplementary pension savings during 2015, on the other hand the need for a tax deduction dodanit. In this case, you must file a tax return for 2015, where the income in accordance with § 10 of the Income Tax raised a tax deduction in the past decade in prematurely canceled contract. "In the early cancellation of financial products is necessary to count with certain sanctions, therefore, good to possible early revocation thoroughly reconsider and when financial problems to try to find a more effective solution to the situation, "says Emil Brooch.

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