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Miraculous conception? Do not trust charlatans, but to ourselves and doctors!

Of the aid of fertility is increasingly becoming a business. Childless couples craving every hope and spare no money. Many healers and manufacturers of unapproved supposedly great products tries to achieve their finances. Can you tell who is trying to help and who's just about money?

Hyena-faced savior

Dodgers this kind of walking around for hundreds of years. Have not look like hags herbalists, despite what you sell expensive, it is often the same nonsense. At best "cure" does not work, at worst can seriously damage health. You ask why these unjust still have success? Mostly rely on need, that they are seriously ill people, and the fact that disability is afraid lege artis treatments that can make the necessary surgery or chemotherapy. Therefore charlatans offer easy solutions, even for such diseases as cancer. Often rely on conspiracy theories. For example, they claim that their method of treatment is the doctor cursed, because it is prepared for business, or would they reduced the severity. Doctors, however, prefer to choose their own simple, inexpensive and efficient methods of investigation and treatment and do not leave out anything that has a proven effect.

Promises, Promises

What will be the self-proclaimed healers promise? Above all, what doctors can not. This will often solve the problem, which is little influenced or medically significant contribution requires the patient. For example, it is to conceive a short time, miraculous weight loss, cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer's disease should be. Remember that if you are someone wants to sell a drug that is not approved by the State Institute for Drug Control (SIDC), it is the illegal handling of medicines which is prosecuted by law. Indeed because of any threat to your health and life.

E-shop miracles

The surprise is not serious-looking e-shop that offers fashionable outside passwords associated with health, such as "detox" or "superfoods," and the right content is revealed gradually. Fraudsters are very inventive, do not count on it, that is identified by the web interface.

You can count on the fact that they are "playing to the emotions." The touching story, mystic, moving pictures, words such as "help" or "rescue" or appeal to celebrities - all you can attack.
If you find that site reviews to medicines, they do not give at all. Each dealer himself determines what will be the content of his pages, and there is nothing easier than to write a recommendation false and satisfied comments. False reviews are a worldwide problem that has long been struggling for example, the British government agency. If you are a drug user is advised social networks that you do not know personally, it may be the same phenomenon.

Be careful and do not trust anyone but doctors and his sanity.

If in doubt, consult with another specialist or ask the pharmacist what you can to support their treatment. Never, however, do not risk the lack of expertise, it's not worth it.

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