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Cots - regulations complied only

Infants and toddlers spend a lot of time in the crib and the development of their motor skills increases the risk that your fingers or other body part pushes where not, and hurt you. Consumer magazine dTest had to verify whether cots available on the Czech market comply with regulatory requirements.

Of the thirteen tested cots meet all the requirements of a single.

Safe crib should not have any hazardous holes, protruding or sharp edges and small detachable parts that can be swallowed or inhaled. The standards establish detailed requirements as to the design of cots and content instruction.

"In the tests of strength and stability crib stood, overturning crib with the baby, therefore, probably will not. Otherwise, however, we found deficiencies in structures and in the manuals. We filed a motion with the Czech Trade Inspection to investigate products and to take appropriate action, "says Hana Hoffmann, chief editor of the magazine dTest.

The most common design problem of the holes, gaps and cracks at risk of entrapment or pinching body parts. Some of the cribs were inadmissible dimension spacing between the rods or bars sidewalls grid problem was also at the transition between the grate and the sides cots or pre-drilled holes for height adjustment grid.

"Cot Bear Barnabas from producer My Sweet Baby had, among other shortcomings and totally dysfunctional one removable partition that was so short that the side of the cot did not hold at all. Fairly serious injury could result only in a test bed rocking Rene Klupš from the manufacturer. At that arises on the rocking mechanism dangerous place editing when the adjacent parts of furniture behave like scissors and this place is from the outside of the reach of children. Cot Rene has also inappropriate to end faces for which the child can capture a piece of clothing and strangle it, "Hana
says Hoffmann.

Some cribs have undergone structural test as "a close call," because they, for example, a space between the rails in a rack larger than the norm of the 60 mm. Other design standards complied, but not okay instructions, such as Tomi Misha XX Depemo vendor and product Drewex Hippo from the workshop.

The only manufacturer that is when writing instruction directed wording standards, was Ikea. The rest of the instructions omitted some important warnings, or did not meet the requirements of the letter. "It is surprising that manufacturers are unable instructions policed, especially when it costs nothing, and otherwise have their products in order. Some, however, do not even bother to attach to the product manual in Czech language. We did not get it when shopping for cribs from producer Rene Klupš, Manhatten from Bopity and Radek II also from Klupš, "says Hoffmann and adds:" The only crib, which fully met all requirements of the standards, the Ikea Gulliver. It is safe and at the same time as the one provided with detailed instructions to all the necessities and important information. "

Cribs choice of course is not just about standards and safety. Come into play and practical issues, so it is advisable before purchasing clarify what requirements your crib. Besides the dimensions, you can choose whether to have a crib or downloadable removable side panels and removable rod. It is not insignificant weight infant, if you know that you need it to move. You can help the wheels, if they are not on all legs cots, then two of them must have a brake. Cots can be fitted with drawers, which provides storage space, but then tend to be heavier and more difficult to handle.

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