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Trends and Technology 2016: For buggies leading functionality

New technologies, which this year will complement the basic amenities range of prams, emphasizing the importance of high functionality. Indeed, for example, simplify the handling of the stroller, accelerate exchange korbiček and in the winter, which is currently underway, provides superior comfort and safety of children and parents.

Replacing the hull quickly and innovatively

Among parents are enjoying great popularity especially combined prams. They are practical because they offer the possibility of "two in one", saving money that parents would otherwise have to invest in separate equipment, and have many practical innovations. Thanks to them, today many of combined carriages allows to replace conventional deep carrycot for the seat or back of a sports type.

"Novelty as Click & GO, which consists of two interlocking parts, which form a secure attachment between the bogie and the stroller platform, or a car seat. A similar function is performed by practical system VIA VAI for pushchairs, which also allows you to easily remove the hull sports a stroller frame and replace it with a profound or car seat. Technology Quicky then even lets you put two different types of hull at each other, "says Lukas Fiala from the company Baby Direkt.

Reflective strips provide extra safety in low visibility

Winter season is inherently associated with short days when it gets dark very early, it is dark, foggy, snowing and visibility is greatly reduced. So that parents and children stayed the whole time walking perfectly safe, coaches get into gear now also practical 3M Scotchlite reflective material, which successfully inspired the North European practice. Silver surface coated with a number of small balls or prisms from which tapes are made exceeds the highest brightness category, according to standard EN 471, and thus provides a high degree of safety. Tapes have a wide angle of reflection and wet exceed the strictest European conditions imposed on odrazuschopnost reflective devices.

You can fold the stroller with one hand

An important criterion for choosing a pushchair is a fast composition and layout, making him easier to handle. So now, many coaches equipped with progressive mechanism for easy folding. It is completely intuitive and simple to the extent that it can be performed even with one hand, and in a very short time and without the use of physical force. This technology is often supplemented by an automatic lock against tipping.

Locking wheel and hand brake for active parents

New for 2016 are technologies that provide maximum comfort and safety during active physical movement, such as outdoor sports or hiking. Such coaches are equipped with a combination of several technologies that do not restrict movement of the stroller and help seamlessly overcome even the most demanding terrain. They include, among others locking swivel front wheels, a powerful drum handbrake or adjustable, padded handle.

"The practical novelty is also solid polystyrene strap attached to the stroller handle that can be used as a wrist strap, or resistant steel with lock button and switching modes" City "or" Sport ". Then ensures a smooth ride All-wheel technology, which absorbs all the bumps and can thoroughly cushion polymer wheels using coil springs and shock absorbers elastromerového major impact. They allow the stroke bikes up to 7.5 centimeters, "explains Lukas Fiala.

Source: tz Lešenská, editorially modified

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