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Jaroslav Fragner Gallery - temple architecture. Entry without shoes.

Meditate while admiring the architectural treasures, visitors can Jaroslav Fragner Gallery after Epiphany. An impressive exhibition of Sacred Space, which offers thirty most successful contemporary realization of churches and chapels across Europe, is open until the 7th of February.

Visitors also attracts the very concept of the exhibition. Accompanied by ambient music enters the soft carpet to the higher realms, into space Incentives to silence and disengagement from the hectic outside world. The exhibition is dominated by purple chapel sophisticated composition visors and breakdown shows work with light in space. Now a unique use of light effects in architecture is the common denominator of exhibited works.

Curators Dan Merta, Philip and James Senk Fiser chose thirty sacred buildings, which combines a powerful handwriting architects. Under the chapels and churches are signed by famous European architects such as Mario Botta, Peter Zumthor, Fernando Menis or studio Marte. Marte. Czech Republic is represented (often award-winning) objects studio Kuba & Pilar architects Kamil Mrva Architects.

Selected projects offer a raw, minimalist space and well composed style with the latest technology. Visitors Jaroslav Fragner Gallery to find small installations until inconspicuous buildings, built on closely aligned with nature, and temples-sculptures that have become dominant in places of origin.

The exhibition will meet the real stars of European architecture with authors, whose names many visitors might hear for the first time. Scenography connects them to work with light, usually natural, straight, considered through the landscape. And the impact of light on the material selected and the composition so that the user is prompted to the emotional experience of the visited area.

Visitors can expect chapel at thirty, thirty manuscripts and platforms. Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architekten in the mountain chapel in Austria Andelsbuch or Localarchitecture & Danilo Mondada in a makeshift chapel for diakonia St. Loup in Switzerland overlaid path to spiritual experiences wood in almost plastic compositions. To Gothic principles with a clear outcome in the infinitude can be seen in the Chapel of St. ecumenical arts. Henry in Turku, Finland from Sanaksenaho Architects.

Conversely, Fernando Menis in the church. Redeemer on Tenerife or Ao-architekten in Mountain chapel in the Austrian Stubai Glacier prefer austere, concrete materialized. Sharply defined spiritual space and provides an area for light game. A symbolic link is a perfect raw, raw material and sunshine Taken in the funeral chapel designed by Marte.Marte implemented in Austrian Batschuns. Light streak here forms a relentless line between life and death.

"We do not conceal that some architects created a luminous spectacle theater for the eyes. Others have conceived the work with spiritual space metaphysically, the most economical to the minimalist. The link is the fact that users can not remain indifferent. And the result it invites to dialogue, ideally i do interior, inside him alone, "says Dan Merta, Director Jaroslav Fragner Gallery exhibition project co-sacral space.

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