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Scientists have discovered a new winter sleepers among primates

Until now, only three were known representatives of primates who could benefit from hibernation. There were three kinds of Malagasy lemurs, who are in bad droughts saved to "winter" sleep. This short list now expanded veterinarians and zoologists from Vienna for another item. Another sleeper in bad weather is a pygmy slow loris, who lives in Southeast Asia.

Hibernation has evolved as a mechanism to save energy during difficult times, such as during the cold season, a number of animals. Most primates, however, occurs in the tropics, where this evolutionary tweaks not unlike the polar wastes has never been too much focus. Scientists distinguish several stages, or rather depths of hibernation, while the "commonest" is called. Torpor, or short-term paralysis. In this state, the body rigidity include animals capable survive icy night. Lemurs of Madagascar might not afraid of severe frosts, but use of dampening own life processes to survive the barren dry season.

Lechtanými Slow Loris videos do not show the creatures in a cute but scared

That something like this could even pygmy slow loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus) has to researchers from the Vienna Research Institute of Ecology Vetmeduni considerable surprise. Not dvaceticentimetrový crumb which does not exceed the weight of 400 grams, he was still regarded as a "champion" of loveliness. Viennese zoologists interested primarily Slow Loris five specimens from Vietnam who repeatedly between December and February through several episodes of hibernation. And given the fact that the "correct" hibernation must last at least 24 hours, this is recorded 63 hours lasting pacification Slow Loris considered hibernation.

Triggering factor, according to zoologist Thomas Rufus combination of lower temperatures and reduced food availability. "In Vietnam may in certain periods of the temperature drop by up to five degrees, and this is precisely the time when it is occasionally possible to most likely experience hibernation Slow Loris." Ruf also mentions that hibernate as an overwintering strategy in primates in Africa, Asia and America gradually disappeared. "But it is not inconceivable that it could occur in other, as yet undiscovered species."

Author: Radomír Dohnal

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