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The most valuable equipment to travel information

Exploring the world is great fun, which opens horizons and brings many adventures. Sometimes it is better to examine in detail their final destination before departure. So you can avoid many unpleasant surprises.

When traveling, there are countless reasons. Nature, history, architecture, culture, customs, food, nightlife, everyone can find theirs. Most often, before traveling interested in what the weather will be and what we can see. Some destination but require careful preparation.

It is calm in the country?

A comprehensive overview of current information about the security situation in the various countries bring the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will find not only information about potential military conflicts or problematic border crossings, but also on natural disasters and other life-threatening phenomena in the territory. The information is sorted alphabetically, so orientation in them is very easy. When you open a link to the warning is always displayed when it was issued and whether it is still valid.

What is better to avoid

On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also find a list of currently the most dangerous countries in terms of terrorist attacks. Although these attacks are often unpredictable and can happen even in countries generally considered safe, bring a list of at least a rough idea of ​​more or less peaceful regions. Among those most at risk at the moment, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs include Afghanistan, Kenya, Syria as well as Egypt and Algeria. However, this is usually only certain regions, tourist areas are safe. When traveling to these countries, it is advisable to register in the system Drozd, which keeps track of Czech travelers, and if a problem is because of him you can send them to urgently help.

Minimization of danger

Even if your final destination according to all the information safe, follow these few rules:
Always make a copy of your travel documents and a copy of Carry.
Maintain regular contact with the person in the Czech Republic.
Find out where the prosecutor of our country and the telephone number Wear are still together.
Remember to timely obtain necessary vaccinations.
Each time, before traveling insure.
Observe the local customs and laws.

This article certainly does not aim to discourage travel. But it can tell whether you have just selected country at the moment is safe or whether it is better to postpone the visit for another time.

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