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Christmas without flu: how to protect yourself in hazardous environments

Advent is the season of Christmas parties, pergolas and concerts. After him come the family visit and at the end of the year, New Year's Eve celebrations. On each such occasion we come into contact with a large number of people, which brings with it an increased risk of viral infection and disease. In the following article we will therefore learn about the tips that will help prepare the body for this severe test.

Influenza annually infects hundreds of thousands

For example, Christmas parties with employees planned this year nearly 70% of Czech companies. According to data from recruitment agencies. In every major city is also traditionally held Advent concerts and gazebos, which take into account hundreds of candidates. "Now large crowds allow for the rapid spread of influenza and other respiratory diseases typical of winter. Their virus is jumping from human to human in the form of droplets, that microscopic particles of infectious nasal and oral secretions. They are released by sneezing, coughing, as well as the usual talking. Influenza virus itself is a large 80 to 120 nanometers and is spread through the air. Places with high concentrations of people and cultivate an ideal environment for a quick and easy transfer of infection, "explains physician, MD. Paul Turčan.

In a similar manner also other spread droplet infection and disease due to which in December lies down to bed many people. Runny nose, sore throat or cold belong to the so-called seasonal diseases, normal for the period. Just the flu, according to Health Ministry every year hundreds of thousands of sick people, which amounts to roughly 10 to 30% of the population. An average of 2,000 people on its consequences even die. Last year's flu season was also more aggressive than the previous one, the number of severe course of the flu and the death toll rose. While most are at risk teens and seniors who have a weakened immune system. Period, such as Advent, when more people gather, then these numbers still contribute, because that is where the seeds originate infectious epidemics.

In an environment rich in vitamin C viruses survive

Prevent seasonal diseases or slow the spread of the virus, can be appropriate and consistent prevention. One way is vaccination, which are presently under independent portal Influenza vaccine undergoes only 5% of the population. Significantly more likely to strengthen the immune system releasing naturally. Of course there is frequent intake of vitamin C. Scientific research has shown that this vitamin decreases the ability of influenza viruses to penetrate through the connective tissue that improves their stability. And if they do not pass the virus, the organism can infect. In an environment that is rich in vitamin C, these viruses simply can not survive.

Defensive effects of vitamin B will provide Chilean quinoa

The highest medical institutions of the European Union also confirmed the high importance of a series of B vitamins for immune system. The balance of the immune functions contribute themselves, but also and above all in combination with trace elements such as selenium, iron, copper and zinc. "The interesting discovery came while international team of scientists at the research germinated quinoa seeds in Chile. When selecting the appropriate vitamin grout is then obtained from the germ of a wide variety of natural B vitamins with strong antioxidant potential, and provide extensive human cells immune protection, "says Peter Gall from the company VEGALL Pharma.

The menu packed with vitamin D and garlic

Many infectious diseases breaking out also from a lack of vitamin D. Due to the reduction of sunlight during winter levels in the human body is significantly decreasing. A frequent source of vitamin D are especially oily fish. Also act preventively raw garlic, whose miraculous effect was already known by our grandmothers. Garlic is considered a strong natural antibiotic and antiviral. It contains substances such as allicin, which are able to dispose of microorganisms. In addition, experts point out that people who can often consume half as much suffering from flu and colds. In addition to garlic should also increase the intake of onion, the juice primarily because it contained flavonoids act cough and bacteria. Also, aniseed, known in our country as an integral part of Christmas gingerbread, contains a substance that can kill the flu virus. The home medicine cabinet should not miss ginger root, which is used for centuries for its excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It is a potent analgesic for colds and dissolves phlegm.

Cover your mouth, observe hygiene

Neither sebedůslednější prevention the human body does not guarantee one hundred percent protection as is often found in areas with increased concentrations of people. Even at festive celebrations and community visits should apply rules that will help prevent unpleasant infection.

"Because most typical winter illnesses transmitted through the air as droplets, it is essential when coughing or sneezing cover the nose and mouth with a handkerchief, ideally designed for single use only. Used handkerchief would soon wander into the trash. In this period also not worth touching your eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands. Conversely, should strictly observe basic hygienic rules, ie wash their hands regularly with soap and water, "says MD. Paul Turčan. Provided to show the first signs of the flu, you should keep your distance from others at a minimum distance of one meter. In this case, however, the place to start respecting the health of others, and completely avoid places with increased numbers of people and experience the advent and the end of the year at home.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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