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Tourists are rediscovering the Bohemian Forest, the area most Munchausen

Tourists are rediscovering the Bohemian Forest, the area most Munchausen Summer tourist season 2015 Šumava National Park will go down as one of the strongest in recent years. High attendance was recorded in all of our information and visitor centers, and registered it also guards the Šumava National Park in the field.

"Total attendance of all the facilities within our Zooprogramu, where they are included as Visitor Centers deer, owls and wolves, as well as hatchery trout or perch in deer wintering obůrkách, has exceeded 135 thousand visitors. The highest cribs, thus Visitor Centres Kvilda and Srní, was opened in mid-August or in early October. And the wolves lure the most in two months passed Tourist Centre at Srní 33 thousand people, "says a spokesman of the National Park Šumava Jan Dvorak.

Attendance record over the last three years, the information center Šumava National Park (Stozec, Idina sawmill, Svinná Lada, Kvilda, Kašperské Mountains), to which was visited from January to the end of November, more than 285,500 tourists. In contrast, from January to the end of December 2014 came into information centers, nearly 251,000 people and for the whole of 2013, still by nearly 6,000 fewer tourists.

"It is possible that the attendance of our busiest Information Centre on Kvildě exceed the magic threshold of 100,000 visitors per year. From January to November, it passed more than 95 thousand people, which is about eight thousand more than for all of last year. The increase in traffic but was in all our facilities. We are also pleased attendance seasonal information centers and Meridian Březník. Poledník visited by about four thousand more visitors than last year, at Březník then by about two thousand, "adds Jan Dvorak.

In the past three years, attendance at the National Park grows only in 2014 fell to Modrava, but in 2015 the number of visitors to this site up again. The most significant increase we record on Prášilské.

"Attendance region certainly also affect small attractiveness to visitors, such as rides in a horse-drawn sleigh, which this year was successfully operated on Prášilské, but also Železnorudsko and around Srní," says Paul Skinny.

Now carriage rides or sleigh rides will be in the winter and around Železnorudska or around Srní.

Estimated numbers of visitors throughout the national park is already approaching one million, the actual attendance will thus be significantly higher than what is Summed guards on the ground.

"It is obvious that people love Šumava and come here perhaps for the first time, but repeatedly, and as you can see, there are happy. That is one of our main objectives, which are clearly being met, "says Director of the Sumava NP Pavel Thin.

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