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Guitarist Tommy Emmanuel celebrates 60th birthday at the Rudolfinum

Festival Guitar Across Styles and personality Tommy Emmanuel are inextricably linked together for many years. Last year, the guitar virtuoso celebrated the 10th anniversary since its first concert in the Czech Republic. March 13, 2016 to return to his friends and colleagues celebrated his 60th birthday on the tour, It's Never Too Late.

"When Tommy Emmanuel discovered that we both sixtieth year on the neck, we agreed that we will celebrate it together as we enjoy most: a joint concert," explains festival director Guitar Across Styles Stanislav Barek. Tommy Emmanuel also recorded a song for the upcoming album Stanislava Barka, which should be released in early 2016. Among the other guests on the CD include Laurence Juber, Martha Elefteriadu or Norbi Kovács.

Birthday concert will be held in the Dvorak Hall of Rudolfinum in the presence of exceptionally well-wishers. Besides Tommy Emmanuel and Stanislav Barka will perform at a concert guitarist Norbi Kovács, who among other things, he also film and theater music. Among his achievements include the music to a slide good for me. Adib Ghali, who is the second part of the duo Barek & Ghali stands beside playing electric guitar fingerpicking and also called in this area is not in the Czech Republic competition. The second foreign guest of the concert will be a Welsh guitarist Dylan Fowler, who deals mainly with Celtic music inspired by the British Wales. The last guest will be known Czech mandolin player Radim Zenkl living in the USA.

Tommy Emmanuel received his first guitar at age four, playing her his mother had taught him. He quickly learned by ear, he did not receive any formal lessons, still unable notes. When the father recognized the talent at Tommy and his brother Phil, he founded the family band that traveled across Australia. Later he studied and perfected a unique style of play called fingerpicking, working with percussive playing all fingers usually in combination with a pick. Over time, it led to an unprecedented perfection, which still takes your breath away: Tommy fingers creates an ingenious play of the illusion that the stage must be somewhere hidden backing band, and it is not possible to do the smiling Australian, standing confidently on stage, he managed to keep everything himself.

Stanislav Barek
first studied guitar privately with Professor Jiri Jirmal later at the Conservatory in Prague and Teplice. As a guitar teacher, he worked at various music schools in the Czech Republic and Germany. He is the author guitar school for beginners guitar bearing the name of a book about the life of Professor Jiri Jirmal Pathways Czech guitar. Currently, he devoted mainly to concerts. He performs with the group Njorek, Arionas and performs in a guitar duo Barek & Ghali.

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