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Where to Nicholas? Christmas festival in theaters ABC and Rococo

Where to Nicholas? Christmas festival in theaters ABC and Rococo Four Christmas show, St. Nicholas Day, Mail for Santa Claus, art workshops and Christmas markets, NGOs and something to eat waiting for you on Saturday 5th December at ABC and Rococo theaters, where it will be the 5th annual Christmas festival. Come to tune into the right Christmas atmosphere.

With their children can watch four productions with a Christmas theme, performed by the theater of the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Puppet Theatre, Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, Drak Theatre Hradec Kralove, City Theatre Prague). The accompanying program will run free in the ABC Theatre from 16:30 to 19 pm, you can look forward to a St. Nicholas (16:30 to 17:30 and from 18 to 19 hours), mail to Santa Claus, art workshops and Christmas markets NGOs .

In more detail:

13:00 Christmas Eve little Jakub (Puppet Theatre) - Theatre Rococo

On Christmas Day "by jáužnevímkterého" James was little with my dad for a Christmas tree. Along the way they played on a jet plane and James got lost in the fog. And while the guilty father then returned home without him and my mother cried and declared the investigation over to James, James walked christmas Prague and having an adventure so amazing that it never occurred to him to look for a way home. The performance will feature a number of known and lesser known carols.

15:00 Christmas remembrance (Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra) - ABC Theatre

Chamber performances are nostalgic memory Buddy boy at Christmas, when the last child. Recognizes the great, selfless, motherly love his straight sixty Aunt Sook. He is a little crazy, infantile, sometimes pathetically ridiculous, the more it is closer to the boy's heart. He understands his dreams, the need for play and a desire for adventure. Able to create a beautiful atmosphere of Christmas. This unique charm festive moments from baking Christmas cookies to finding the right gift. Beauty and peaceful atmosphere will encourage the production of Christmas melodies full of harmony and angelic vibrations.

17:00 Hey, mister! (Drak Theatre Hradec Kralove) - Rococo Theatre

These familiar words and the melody was first played in 1796 cure of the church in Rozmital pod and gave rise to the Czech cultural world is still the best known and most popular Christmas song with us. Ryba's Christmas Mass and the theme of the birth of Christ, moreover in this production originally connect with the story of a great friendship and courage of two Czech pioneers of skiing, Bohumil Hanc and Vaclav Vrbaty. Link to folk art and tradition of carving nativity scenes and then viewers can admire in the form of unique mechanical puppets.

19:00 Czech Christmas (City Theatres of Prague) - ABC Theatre

Czech Christmas is not Christmas game in the classic sense, but very quirky adaptation of an old familiar story, which is inspired by folk baroque theater, ladovskými manger and the majority of today's atheistic society that Christmas long ago not perceived merely as festivals celebrating the birth of God. Everything is in the spirit of exaggeration and great story brings unexpected and paradoxical situation.

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