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The motion and nutrition program for schools is proven, they want to continue

Improve movement and nutrition regimen pupils in the first grade of primary schools was aimed at the educational program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports called Movement and nutrition. In the school year 2014/2015 it at 33 pilot schools certified team of experts led by the National Institute for Education. Directors and teachers appreciate the new methodology, the students were also satisfied: the overall program evaluates the sign of minus 1.

Movement and nutrition program explained to children through so-called. Pyramid Pyramid movement and nutrition priorities in their daily routine (see fig.). In addition to knowledge about proper diet and the need to move nearly 5,700 children involved in trying to move to a healthy diet to strengthen activities in school and at home.

Besides the innovative elements in physical education classify schools of learning associated with movement, motion-filled breaks or offering physical activity within the school centers, both morning and afternoon. "Program Movement and nutrition, as designed, allows to increase the amount of physical activity students during the time that they spend in school, except for one hour a day, "says chief program coordinator Vladislav Mužík of the Masaryk University in Brno.

School canteens in turn enriched the children's diet with fruits, vegetables and sought to increase the variety of dishes offered. "Where schools function cafeterias or vending machines, was able to partly change the range, unfortunately, only three school vending machines full repeal," said Muzik.

255 Classroom Teachers could try a new methodological guide and other supporting materials. Directors exercise and nutrition program brought increased financial and staffing requirements, most schools it will continue after its completion, in its entirety. "Obviously, for clearly positive acceptance of their students: evaluation scale from 1 to grade 5 moves from 1.28 after 1.94 - or 1 minus average mark, "says chief program manager John Butt (NUV).

Source: tz NUV

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