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Czechs against Czechs

The documentary "Life-movie" young filmmaker who leaves his "white" a comfortable life and moving to Roma ghetto.

Czech Republic in 2013. Nationalism in its darkest form is on the rise. Hatred is felt in the pubs, in the streets and on the Internet. Grouping close to Czech neo-Nazis marching through cities, their supporters waving black flags and "normal decent people" out of their windows applaud.

Duchcov, Ostrava, Usti nad Labem. Places with strange atmosphere. Something unpleasant atmosphere that hangs in the air. At this time, the author and director of the film for 8 months moved to Předlice in Usti nad Labem, a gypsy ghetto, which has the worst reputation. With the camera pointed at himself with respectable Bohemia between "copies of the Czechs' becomes the protagonist of his film. Try to find answers on a variety of issues related to the coexistence of two ethnic groups - "white" and "black". Between Roma finally found many friends and answers to the spoken and unspoken questions seek together. Finds and records the strange situation. In the besieged hostel with guys who held the rods and axes. The leader proticigánské demonstration that the camera confided that he called the "people finally rose up and slaughtered them all." Even children are taking the possibility of violence and death as a normal way to solve problems.

Akin says: "I live with cigánama and I like them, even though it has no angels, and even so I do not want to show. Třicátiny celebrate their ghetto and invite your whole family white. Gadže and Gypsies together must start talking, they must not have fear of each other. Otherwise, it will destroy us all stupid madness. "

Czechs against the Czechs
is a creative documentary, which was created under the name Gadjo Gadjo and described life - a white man in the Roma community. During the filming, and staying in the Roma community, however,
more themes and conflicts film revolved around a white coexistence of Czechs and Czech Roma. Filmed at a time of escalating disputes, conflicts, clashes and demonstrations for or against Roma.
It succeeded in documentary style "life-movie" to capture a very turbulent society divisive issue, which, however, was not closed resolved. The problem remains the main players remain in their positions.

The theme of coexistence and the Czech Roma population is still very lively and, paradoxically, both camps are still misunderstood. The movie "The Czechs against the Czechs" gives an insight into the world of the Roma and their attitudes and beliefs. By contrast reactions are then white residents who shamelessly encourage the physical destruction of Roma.

The film was produced Vít Klusák and Filip Remund from Hypermarket Film Ltd. ,, co-produced by Czech Television. The film was supported by the State Fund for Cinematography

Source: DL, tz

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