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Psoriasis: the truth about the disease at five points

Although it has been repeatedly said that psoriasis is not among communicable diseases, we still have a lot of people's minds. This and many more disinformation, which is entwined with the disease, while making life complicated for everyone - healthy and sick. Truth offers the following lines.

1st Psoriasis can "catch"

Perhaps the most common myth literally encourages healthy individual to avoid close contact with psoriasis. Psoriasis is not really a contagious disease nor infectious origin. Occurs in individuals with a genetic predisposition, based on the action of one of the possible triggers, often stress, injury to the skin or medication.

Second psoriatic people are neglecting hygiene

Cleansing the emergence of psoriasis have nothing in common. Although the symptoms of the disease observed in the skin, the disease itself begins beneath the surface. Cells that are part of the immune system and move to the lower layers of the skin where unleash chronic inflammation. With him were related to the excessive production of new skin cells and their unsightly peeling, which even improved sanitation can not be avoided.

3. This is only a cosmetic problem

Skin involvement is far from the only thing that bothers psoriasis. The disease is associated also pain, severe joint disease, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and depression.

Psoriasis is the fourth temporary disease

The first symptoms occur most frequently between the ages of 15 and 25 years. The disease is a lifelong health issue. Patients alternate periods of calm with periods of so-called flash, which leads to increased symptoms of the disease.

5. A full cure is possible

Like in the case of other diseases and therapy of psoriasis seen in recent years significant progress, in particular in connection with the emergence of targeted therapies. Although she managed using modern drugs better control completely cure psoriasis, doctors can not yet.

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