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Alaska authorized the shooting muskoxen stranded on an ice floe

Alaska has issued permits to hunters' blast from grace "the first 35 specimens northern musk. They were in fact on the ice that tore them from the shore. Animals threatened by starvation or drowning.

Approved blasting species that can usually fish under the pre-set quotas only indigenous Eskimo, is an exceptional event. It applies to all similar cases muskoxen drifting on ice floes in the Bering Sea Aleutian Islands along the strip, the server informs Guardian.

Muskoxen north disappeared, or rather they were exterminated, on the whole territory of Alaska in the twenties of the last century. Subsequently, as part of the repatriation program in 1935 landed on the island of Nunivak 34 muskoxen brought from Greenland. They laid the foundation for a new population, which now has about 740 pieces. Gradually from Nunivak under the supervision of biologists headed a number of pieces on the mainland, which helped to produce four local muskox populations in Alaska and two herds in Russia. The presence of a small herd of muskoxen on floating floe alert passing sealers.

"A similar situation here is repeated every few years," says
Patrick Jones, regional biologist at the field station in Bethel. "And neodlovit is someone just comes off as a waste." The chances that would otherwise winter excellently adapted Bovid quadrupeds mastered in ice water swim on the mainland, are said to be minimal. "They're just lousy swimmers," said Jones, who admits some uncertainty why muskoxen actually on the ice floe themselves. "Maybe it goes to sea or on the smaller islands. I almost thought that wander beyond anything he sees or feels somewhere in the distance. "

Blast muskoxen on the ice floe is currently directed Cu'piků, Eskimos and 210 residents of the settlement Mekoryuk, the only settlement on the island Nunivak. "When the Eskimos hunt walrus and seals, usually blasts directly onto the ice so the animal does not sink," says Jones. "The hunters then jumps onto the ice and goes very skillfully chop the meat. I think u odstřelených muskoxen will act similarly. "

In the event that someone records the next ice floating musk ox, shall, before blasting document and photograph the situation and by telephone to request an appropriate authority for permission.

Author: Radomír Dohnal


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