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Autumn wounds heal laughter and restful sleep

Why are injuries incurred during the summer heal faster than autumn? In different seasons because the process is done differently, mainly due to other external conditions. Plays an important role not only temperature but also humidity or condition of our psyche.

Each season has its own specifics and each would reveal the factors that affect wound healing - positively and negatively. In the summer, increasing the frequency of irritation wound appears redness and inflammation. In winter it is weakened our immune system, which is extremely important for healing. And autumn has its own specifics. The thermometer shows still lower values, not only outdoors but also indoors. It forces us to put into operation the heating, which, however, has a major drawback - dries the air, which may negatively affect our bodies. With the coming decade it will also shortens the day and it not only leads to feelings of fatigue and an increased need for sleep, but also mental discomfort.

Bed healing

Sleep can clearly be classified as factors that enhance wound healing.
At the time of rest, there is a regeneration, and the longer asleep, the more pronounced effects of this process will be.
When sleep will also release chemicals that promote cell growth and thereby contribute to better healing, for example, cuts, varicose ulcers and other defects.
The survey found that in October a man sleeping an average of 2.7 hours more compared to other months.
Quality relax in bed, we simply should not be underestimated and the minimum time that we should pursue this activity a day is 7 hours.

Attention to drying

The deteriorating weather we spend more and more time in enclosed heated spaces with reduced humidity. This causes the formation of dry and itchy skin. Whatever your blow any origin, dry it is definitely not good. Defect may deepen and healing will be long and difficult. To maintain skin moisture, therefore use suitable creams or ointments.

Not a body without a soul

Our minds and spirits have a great influence of the organism. Many people tends to fall into depression, faced with frequent changes of mood like. Negative emotions can cause a lower efficiency of treatment of wound healing. So what can be done to lift the mood?
Exercise. During physical activity, the body produce hormones of happiness - endorphins that will improve our mental state.
Think positively.
At all can find something good, although it initially seems that the negatives predominate. Try it!
Healthy living.
Avoid stress.

Wound healing is a complex process that is influenced by many factors. In autumn it is important to keep the wound in a moist environment - if you drown, it is appropriate to use a humidifier. If you feel tiredness, not defeat it, preferring to sleep well. Finally, try to keep a positive mind, not only helps in wound healing.

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