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Hungry Adela returns. Newly digitized comes to cinemas.

Hungry Adela returns. Newly digitized comes to cinemas. Legendary comedy screenwriter and director George Brdečko Oldrich Lipsky Adele have not had dinner after almost forty years, returns to cinemas. Ageless film will be presented in digitized form.

Image restoration carried out in the laboratories of the Hungarian Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap backed technically and organizationally National Film Archive in Prague, is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and the Czech Ministry of Culture. Carnivorous Adele in its original beauty and luster as viewers see it on November 14 in Prague Lucerna cinema. The film will then be available for distribution in cinemas, on television and at film festivals, going to his release on DVD and Blu-ray.

"I'm looking forward to it, to see the movie again just as it had projected in cinemas," says the
guest of honor renewed premiere, actress Nadia Konvalinková, who played in the famous comedy naive Kveta. Nada Konvalinková still remembers his fellow actors and wittily written dialogues that tandem Brdečka-Leipzig fine tuning on the set. "A lot of great actors and actresses, who in the film played, he's not here, and restoration of the film is how this work and they maintain immortality, "says Konvalinková.

Twinkle with Vanessa mineral

Now the famous scene in which Květuška grandfather catching butterflies and eager girl to Vanessa Atalanta endearingly confused with Vanessa mineral and Vanessa Jenerál belonged in the restoration to all the most critical places. "The beginning of the third part was the aforementioned scene hunting butterflies was very corrupt and lacking in It total of 11 windows - on canvas it is only a twinkle, but the purpose of restoration is to bring the film in the most authentic way. And it is thanks to the research of experts in NFA thanks to perfect cooperation with Hungarian partners also succeeded, "says the director of the National Film Archive Michal Bregant. According to him, in terms of digitization that restorers using the latest technology carefully remove dirt and damage, which suffered material time, and then returned to its original form. Software while but can not wipe the typical characteristics, such as coarse grain image, slice or inscriptions at the end of the individual parts that belong to the older films and also give them an unmistakable charm.

Did you know that ...

The digitized version of the film Adela still nevečeřela is now in theaters again mentioned in the "masked" format 1: 1.66, which was previously used for movies, which are supposed spectator success. Viewers who used mainly on comedy on television in a narrower format, 1: 1.37, so again see how this movie in this form suits.

After thirteen years of rotation parody Lemonade Joe with two beauties renowned Czech film director Oldrich Lipsky cast in the main roles for women over Flower Purple and Olga Schober. Because bombshell Schober not so happy about aging, such as Flower Purple, this was her last film. Even for overseas marriage with an American producer was then the world of film and public life withdrew.

Slovak actor Michael Dočolomanský to excel in the role of an American detective Nick Carter later became a popular representative of a looker in many Czech films. Here he dubbed Frantisek Nemec, his mouth but the film also spoke Czech Ladislav Županič or Ladislav Frej.

The title role of the film - a carnivorous flower Adele - has created an excellent designer and director Jan Švankmajer. Maker, which until then gave an animated and documentary films, the first time significantly influenced the artistic conception feature film another colleague.

Product placement was the time of the film virtually unknown concept, not only at home but also abroad. Long sequences wandering Nick Carter and Commissioner kidney in the administration of Rudolph Hrušínského after Prague restaurants and pubs, and their enthusiastic praises of Czech beer and Italians, however, and now serves as the perfect advertising.

Czech text lullaby "Sleep my little Prince", the tones in the film reliably exacerbate otherwise peaceful flower to murderous action, wrote a famous opera singer, and poet and novelist Emma Destinnová. But music is not the author of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose composition is often mistakenly attributed, but the German doctor and composer Bernhard Flies (1770-1851).

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