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Pankrác '45 or casting for execution. Almond and Baarová Švandovo Theatre

Czech new game inspired by the true story of five women arrested after the end of World War II in prison prepares for its debut in November Švanda Theatre in Prague. The author is Martin Kinsky, who play for the first time Pankrác '45 debut as a director: a new production'll premiere November 7, 2015 in the basement Studio.

The intimate drama of one woman's cell takes us to the end of the summer of 1945, until the arrest of Nazi war criminals, but also the pursuit to real or only alleged collaborators and friends of the Germans. In prison clothes will find themselves even movie stars Adina Almond and Lida Baarová young Hana Krupková as mysteriously nepopravená clutch paratroopers Jew Julie experience of Auschwitz and one of an unknown woman. Which one and what will eventually be exemplary punished?

In a thrilling story, subtitled "casting the execution" can look forward to Klara Cibulkova in the role of Adina Almond, Lida Baarová played by Réka Derzsi, Han Krupková plays Eva Josefíková as Julča see Andreu Buršová and in the role of a mysterious woman appears Bohdan Pavlikova.

"Their meeting is part fiction, all but Pankrac between summer 1945 and 1946 really were. A story of each issue to the novel. It seemed tempting to blame, at least for a while all together - because their fates as they gradually turns intersected scattered several times before, "says Martin Kinsky. These actresses before trials begin visited the actual prison, to familiarize themselves with the atmosphere of prisons and places where the heroine had actually resided.

According to Kinsky game tells the story that will never know how it will preserve until in that particular situation find ourselves. "It is also about the relativity of guilt and fragile border between calculus and healthy instinct for survival. The fact that no one is spared from the precarious passions of the crowd. And a memory that shapes us, but by their deeds or hesitation at the same time dec for us, "says the author, he has taken too harsh" theatricality "of processes and executions that time.

The action, however, is far from serious. Almond rivalry and Barr, unflagging even within the walls of a prison, like actresses clash with "ordinary" women, there is a frequent source of absurdity and black humor ...

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